Digging Through the Archives

Hello readers!

This past Friday we received a request about locating a cover photo from one of our previous issues. I believe it was one of Max Budgell. Well, Aimee, Jill and I stepped up to the plate and began our search! We must have browsed through a few hundred photos by the time we were done.  Unfortunately we did not find the picture but we had fun along the way. Many laughs and giggles were had! I wanted to share some of the gems we found with you! Take a look:


  The team. Searching feverishly as you can plainly see!


This was one of my favourites. Look at this guy! I want to be that excited about my birthday when I’m his age. The photo is unmarked so I don’t know who he is.


Now, this one is a bit hard to see. Here is Dr. Keith taking a photo of himself in front of a mirror. Possibly one of the first ‘selfies’ ever taken, which is why I found it so hilarious. Great picture, though.


His name is John Edmunds, who is Daphne’s (Our administrator) uncle. I thought I would share with you guys because I find it interesting to find a personal connection here in the archives.


And lastly here is a picture of two ladies demonstrating some good reading habits, by reading Them Days magazines! This one made us smile.

There were many entertaining and informative photographs that we uncovered and I am surprised that we found so many. It just shows what a great history the Big Land has and how great its people are. I am looking forward to uncovering more of this in the near future.

Have a great day everyone!





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