My Trip to St. John’s – The Courses

So a little while ago, I visited St. John’s to attend some Museum Studies courses from the Museum Association of St. John’s. It was really interesting–you can hear me talk about it on the radio if you wish, just scroll down–and I made some good contacts and learned a lot.

Getting my certificate

Getting my certificate

There I am, getting my certificates. It’s funny, we had been talking about blogs and Twitter and social media earlier in the afternoon, and the day before, Mary Ellen at the Association of Newfoundland and Labrador Archives sent an e-mail to the members of her listserv mentioning our blog and the great job that Wallace has been doing in updating it. Little did I know, pretty much everybody in the class was also a member of Mary Ellen’s listserv, and had thus been checking out my blog. When I asked Ken, the executive director of MANL, to pose for a photo as he handed me my certificates, he said “It’s for your blog, isn’t it?” and class broke out into talk about the blog. So we all had a good laugh, because I don’t think I’ve ever been in a room with so many people who have read this blog before, and I may have freaked out upon hearing everyone say that. In a good way, of course.



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