Alternative Covers for the magazine

Picking a cover for a magazine can be a hard thing to do. Sometimes, the right photo jumps out at me and I just know that THIS is the photo for a cover. Other times, I’m stuck between two (or more) great covers and I just don’t know which one to choose. Other times, NO photos jump out and I start feeling desperate…what photo can I find that will fit the magazine’s content and look good at the same time?

And then, other times, I find what seems to be the perfect photo…only to find that it just doesn’t fit into the frame of Them Days the way I would like. Oh, now that’s a frustrating situation, believe me.

Issue 37.2 was one of the times that I didn’t have a perfect cover just waiting to be used. Nope, it was one of those times when I was looking (somewhat) desperately for something that would fit the content of the magazine. Eventually, I settled that I would draw on a photo from the recently donated Labrador Craft Marketing Agency collection, from which I had drawn on half the magazine’s content. That would make most sense for a cover, seeing as the focus of the magazine was centred on crafts.

So then I had to go through the photos in the collection. I decided that I would use a photo of one of the craftspeople profiled in the magazine. After going through a few options, I settled on a photo of Dulcie Montague. She just seemed so nice and kind in the photo, like she was inviting you to read the magazine. I tested out a few different ones, and my co-workers all agreed: Dulcie would be our cover model.

Vol. 37, No. 2

Vol. 37, No. 2

But then, I had a slight change of heart. There was a really striking photograph in the Dr. Keith collection, featured in this issue’s Labrador Gallery. It was a self-portrait of the mysterious Dr. Keith, a handsome young man taking his photograph in a mirror. As Wallace called in it one of his earlier blog posts, it is an early “selfie”! I think it’s such a fun photo, and I would have loved to have it on the cover.

An alternative cover for issue 37.2

An alternative cover for issue 37.2

Unfortunately, when it was enlarged for the cover, the poor quality of the original became apparent. And Dr. Keith himself wasn’t in focus; his camera was. Which still looks pretty cool, but for an issue of Them Days, I need the person to be in focus. (I don’t have a lot of room for experimentation with Them Days.) So I asked around, and while a lot of people thought that Dr. Keith looked cool, Dulcie just looked so nice on the cover, that consensus was to stick with her.

So what do you think–do you think I made the right choice with Dulcie?



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