Labrador Military Museum (Sort of)

What better way is there to learn about Labrador’s history than visiting the Labrador Military Museum? Well, I may have one idea and a biased opinion 🙂 Unfortunately we cannot be sure, and you’ll know why shortly! Aimee, Samantha and I decided to go on a recreational adventure yesterday morning. Not one of us has ever been to the museum, so we were all looking forward to it.

Here we are

Here we are!

Upon our arrival we noticed something was up. There were no other vehicles or discernable human activity whatsoever. Our fears were confirmed when saw the notice:

We showed up just one day too late

We showed up just one day too late

Sad faces all around

Sad faces all around



It’s a shame that we didn’t pay more attention to the hours of operation, so no fault to he museum! Our bad. We have to keep it positive, so we will be back next year. It will be something to look forward to.




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