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Culture Days Kick-Off!

One of the Name That Labrador Tune  scavenger hunt signs

One of the Name That Labrador Tune
scavenger hunt signs

If you tuned into CBC Radio’s Labrador Morning program today around 8:20 am, you would have heard me talking about Culture Days here at Them Days.

First, our annual Culture Days dress-up-and-eat, open house-style event is again on Saturday from 10 – 2. This year, we’re doing it a bit differently, adding fish and brewis to the menu, and having musicians instead of storytellers.

And along the lines of the music, this year we’re hosting a music-themed scavenger hunt! From today (Friday, September 27) to Sunday, October 6, you can drive along Hamilton River Road and find signs featuring Labrador song lyrics. Find as many as you can, name the songs the lyrics are from, and write it in your official Name That Labrador Tune passport. You can pick up your passport from Hamilton Drugs (find it at the lotto counter), from us at Them Days (pick one up while you’re here on Saturday!) or download it and print it right from our website! When you’re done, drop off your passport either at Hamilton Drugs (again, at the lotto counter) or here at Them Days, and you could win a prize! We’ve got a few prizes, the top one being a year-long subscription to Them Days magazine! (Use it for yourself, or give it to a friend…hey, you might be able to cross a name off your Christmas gift list!)

If you’re elsewhere in Labrador, but you still want to play, tune into CBC radio and listen to Labrador Morning. They’ll be reading some of the lyrics featured on the billboards around here. Then you can call or write in with your answers, and you’ll be eligible to win a daily prize or the big prize at the end! (A Labrador song book). The radio contest started today and will go until next Friday.

So there’s tons of stuff on the go around here–get out and participate!


Me, looking like I stepped off the set of Road to Avonlea.  This is how I was dressed for my interview at CBC.

Me, looking like I stepped off the set of Road to Avonlea. This is how I was dressed for my interview at CBC.

PS – it’s not Culture Days, but don’t forget about our SS Kyle-themed fundraiser coming up next Saturday!!


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Culture Days this weekend!!! (SOMETHING BRAND NEW IS HAPPENING!)

Culture Days is this weekend, and it’s coming up fast!!

We’re going to be doing something similar to previous years, but with the addition of musicians and fish and brewis (and there will still be flummies as well, of course!!).

And…check it out…something BRAND NEW:

(see if you can spot the difference in the poster from last week)

Culture Days 2013!  Woo hoo!!!

Culture Days 2013! Woo hoo!!!

That’s right–a SCAVENGER HUNT!!

We’re kicking it off on Friday, and it will last until the next Sunday.

Participating locations along Hamilton River Road will be displaying Labrador song lyrics on their billboards. It’s up to you to find all the locations and figure out the songs!

CBC’s Labrador Morning radio show is also participating…they will be playing audio clips of Labrador songs all next week, so you can participate, even if you’re not in the Happy Valley-Goose Bay area!

And…you can win PRIZES!!!!!!

Are you excited?????!!!! I am!!


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Culture Days is Coming!

Culture Days 2013 is coming soon!

Culture Days 2013 is coming soon!

Clear your calendars…next weekend is Culture Days weekend!!! We’re changing things up this year, and having musicians come by instead of storytellers! So be sure to come on out.

(I also have something else exciting to tell you about, a possible collaboration, but that will just have to stay secret until next week!)


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Issue 37.3

The magazine is out and about!373 cover

Volume 37, Number 3 is now in mailboxes and in stores. In fact, some stores (ones that have to get their magazines via Canada Post, no less) have already sold out of the issue and have reordered! If that doesn’t tell you what kind of an awesome magazine the September issue is, I don’t know what will! (ALMOST as awesome as the September Vogue. Almost.)

So I’m glad to hear that people have been enjoying it…and if you haven’t gotten one yet, go out and get one! (order one from!)


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Saying Goodbye to an Elder


Last night, Labrador said goodbye to a respected elder from Sheshatshiu.  Francis Penashue (if you don’t know him but are a regular Them Days reader, you may remember his story about trapping beaver from an issue last year) passed away last night in tent just outside the Labrador Heath Centre, following his final wishes.  CBC has posted a couple of nice stories about Mr. Penashue that I would like to share with the readers of this blog.

Them Days sends its condolences to the Penashue family. 

(above photo courtesy of Robin McGrath)

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Closed for Labour Day

Them Days will be closed Monday, September 2, 2013 for the Labour Day holiday. We apologize for the inconvience and hope you are enjoying the long weekend!!


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