Culture Days this weekend!!! (SOMETHING BRAND NEW IS HAPPENING!)

Culture Days is this weekend, and it’s coming up fast!!

We’re going to be doing something similar to previous years, but with the addition of musicians and fish and brewis (and there will still be flummies as well, of course!!).

And…check it out…something BRAND NEW:

(see if you can spot the difference in the poster from last week)

Culture Days 2013!  Woo hoo!!!

Culture Days 2013! Woo hoo!!!

That’s right–a SCAVENGER HUNT!!

We’re kicking it off on Friday, and it will last until the next Sunday.

Participating locations along Hamilton River Road will be displaying Labrador song lyrics on their billboards. It’s up to you to find all the locations and figure out the songs!

CBC’s Labrador Morning radio show is also participating…they will be playing audio clips of Labrador songs all next week, so you can participate, even if you’re not in the Happy Valley-Goose Bay area!

And…you can win PRIZES!!!!!!

Are you excited?????!!!! I am!!



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