Fundraiser on Saturday!

For the last three years, John Heard has organized an annual fundraiser for Them Days, and it’s always been a good time. John’s spent a number of years organizing concerts and musical shows, so it really comes as no surprise that each concert has been a success. This year, he’s organized a show around the theme of the S.S. Kyle.

It seems as though everyone’s got a story to share about the Kyle. My own grandparents have a great story about how they met on the Kyle, and since we started publicizing this concert, I’ve heard other stories about the Kyle. One of our most ardent supporters came by and told me about his honeymoon on the Kyle.

I’m hoping that we’ll get a good crowd because of all the connections to the Kyle. We’re going to have the centre set up so that you really feel like you’re on the Kyle…so it’s going to be AMAZING for sure!

And for those people looking to buy a rare issue of Them Days…well, this fundraiser must just be worth your time in another way! We’re having a silent auction…some handmade items, art pieces…and…HARD-TO-FIND ISSUES OF THEM DAYS!!!

So come on out to the Lawrence O’Brien Arts Centre this Saturday, October 5 at 8pm…and have a great time!!

sskyle concert



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