2014 Calendar Sold Out (at least, here at our office)


Last week, I had a meeting with some people here at the office. While they were waiting for me to finish a transaction with a customer on the phone, they were looking around the shop. One of the ladies picked up a calendar, thought “Ooh, I should get this for Mom,” and put it back down as she looked at other things. After all, there were four calendars there and the two women were the only people in the building with me. It’s not like we’re an American Wal-Mart on Black Friday and you have to snap up what you want when you see it.

Well, wouldn’t you know it–in swept a new customer who picked up all four calendars and brought them straight to the office for check out (she knew what she wanted!). When she left, I announced to my meeting-mates “Wow! She just bought the last of the calendars! We’re now officially sold out!” One of them replied, “Really?! No more?  I was just about to buy one! You snooze, you lose, I guess!”

I assured her that there were more still around…so, if you find yourself in the same predicament (“I want to buy a Them Days calendar but I don’t know where to find them!”) here’s a list of the retailers who carried them this year:

North Coast

Blake’s Store – Rigolet
Hayne’s Store – Nain
Labrador Investments – Makkovik
Sheppard’s Variety – Postville

Happy Valley-Goose Bay

Bennett’s Ultramar
Dorothy’s Crafts and Sewing
Hamilton Drugs
Northern Lights Ltd.
Terrington Cooperative
Warr’s Pharmacy

South Coast

B.W. Powell – Charlottetown
Northern – Cartwright
Mona’s Place – Lodge Bay

Labrador Straits

BNL Enterprises – Red Bay

Labrador West

Avalon Superette – Labrador City
Gallery Pharmacy – Labrador City

No guarantees that they’re still at those places (I know I saw them at Co-op the other night, though), but that’s where they went this year. Good luck with your Christmas shopping!



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