Volunteer Day Lunch!

It’s Volunteer Week, and we wanted to give thanks to the volunteers in our community. Not just Them Days volunteers, but volunteers throughout town, who help make our community a great place to live! Them Days sure wouldn’t have made it to 39 years without hours and hours of volunteer labour. Even now, in the days of having regular funding, we still rely on volunteers, to run the board, to help out with events, and to get stories in the magazines! (Oh, and I miss my Katimavik volunteers SO MUCH, you don’t even know!)

So, with a bit of money from the Community Sector Council and their sponsors, we were able to host a volunteer lunch. Volunteers do so much, and we wanted to be able to say thank you somehow.

So I made chili, and Daphne made pea soup and fish and brewis. (and oh, Daphne’s food was delicious! You are missing out if you didn’t make it in.)

We had about forty people show up…the place was packed! I had to open the windows…it was getting hot in here (not to mention, it was a beautiful day and above zero!!).

Jill helping herself to some food.

Jill helping herself to some food.

The volunteer lunch gets underway. We were standing-room-only by the end of it!

The volunteer lunch gets underway. We were standing-room-only by the end of it!

Tuesday was also Daphne’s birthday!

Daphne's cake from Linda...very tasty! (I got some

Daphne’s cake from Linda…very tasty! (I got to taste some later on)

I baked her a cake the night before with the help of my two-year-old, Beatrix (who also designed the look of the cake). She chose a fudge swirl cake…very appropriate for the birthday girl, whose last name is Fudge! Bea was SO upset to have to go to day care on Tuesday…she was crying and saying she wanted to come to work with me to give Daphne her cake on her birthday. Well, wouldn’t you know it, day care was unexpectedly closed, so Beatrix got her wish.

I told her she had to keep the cake a secret…and she did, at least until she gave Daphne her card.

Standing in my office doorway, she jumped up and yelled “AND WE MADE YOU A CAKE!!!”

At least THAT was a surprise. LOL.

Daphne and her birthday cake...Beatrix was the design director.

Daphne and her birthday cake…Beatrix was the design director.

A special thank you to the volunteer board that runs Them Days…you give so much of your time and effort…and your hard work is much appreciated by the staff in the office. Thank you for what you do!



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