Back to Grade Three for Me! (Adventures with History Pin)

Yesterday I headed back to grade three for the afternoon. I visited Peacock Primary to talk about “getting the story behind the picture.” The grade three classes are working on a History Pin project, in which they have to collect one to three (or one, two, or three…hehe) photos and then interview somebody about them, to get the story behind the person or place in the picture.

Me and the smartboard at the Peacock Primary Learning Resource Centre.

Me and the smartboard at the Peacock Primary Learning Resource Centre.

The students were enthusiastic, well-behaved (SUCH good listeners…they’ll be good oral historians, I know!) and engaged. I explained my job, what they were going to do, and then how they could go about it to get the best stories from a picture. Then I had them do a little exercise where they asked me about some photos that I brought in. It was a ton of fun! We all had some good laughs about the pictures.

One of the pictures I brought in was a picture of Jessie Ford, from the time that I was stuck in Nain. I asked the students for their first impressions on the photo, what they thought it was. “Your nan,” they guessed. Well, then I got them to ask me questions. The first question: “Who is in the photo?” “That’s Jessie Ford,” I said. “And she’s not my nan.”

A hand shot up in the front row. “That’s MY nan!” The girl right in front of me exclaimed. That was pretty cool!

Today somebody came in (for an unrelated purpose) and upon seeing our shop full of magazines, he said that he’s been looking for old photos lately, because his son was working on a project where they had to find the story behind a picture.

“He must be in grade three,” I said.

“Yes, he is,” he said. “He came home very excited about this project yesterday.” That made me feel very good! I’m glad they seemed to get excited about what I was saying. I’m excited to go back again when the project is done and see what the students have accomplished.

Local grade six students in previous years have done this project. You can see their History Pin channels here and here.


P.S. Isn’t school equipment so cool these days? Smart boards! Amazing!


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