Saying Hello :)

For those who like to read about Them Days, my name is Kerra Quigley. I’m new to Them Days magazine and have only worked here for less than a week. I have interests in both history and journalism which is why I really wanted to work here. I was born in Happy Valley Goose Bay and have lived here my entire life. I’ll be 19 on the 20th (ironic). I attend King’s College in Halifax throughout the year, which means I can stay working at Them Days throughout the summer. I study journalism and I want to learn everything I can about the journalism process.

I’ll be posting on the Them Days blog throughout the summer. I intend to write about what’s happening at Them Days, write book reviews, and anything I think will interest our readers. My job, aside from keeping our readers entertained is to help with the editing, organizing the archives, and anything that helps maintain Them Days. I’m pretty excited to start writing but there’s always plenty of other work that needs to be done around here so I’m sure I’ll stay busy. 

Nice to meet you!

Kerra from Them Days





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  1. Barb Crawford

    Them Days is certainly lucky to have a journalist student as kean as you are! I’m looking forward to more of your blogs.

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