Belated Happy International Archives Day!

Here at Them Days Magazine, we’ve discovered it’s International Archives Day :). I.A.D. is a holiday made to spread awareness and appreciation for the archives of the world.

I wasn’t totally sure how to celebrate at first, of course not many holidays are really self explanatory.(Don’t believe me try it on a few, Christmas, Easter, Halloween) so I went online to the International Council on Archives to learn more.

I found out most people celebrate through sharing historic information on their geographical background. as a result, we sent down a picture to the international council of archives for them to add their research.

Because of the internet complications, I wasn’t able to post this on the actual International Archive Day. In the spirit of International Archive day however, try setting aside some time this week to look through your family history, see what you can find. If you think it’s interesting, feel free to send it to us at Them Days, so long as it relates to Labrador.

Or maybe you already know and you’ve spent your time doing that when the internet connection was down.

Either way, Kerra Quigley from Them Days


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