Winston White

The original “Big Land” Man has left Labrador for the last time.

Winston White passed away June Thirteenth this month, he leaves a loving community and home behind. Among the many things that people knew him for, he was a story teller, I’ve never met him, but I wanted to learn more about him. My first thought was to look at his writing. I found out he had written for Them Days once, and I was pretty amazed by what he had to say.

“From the great Ossokmanuan to the hills around Ashuanipi to Red Bay, Chateau Bay and northward Voisey’s Bay and Nain area, the greatness and power of this silent tiniest plant and insect to the great polar bear and caribou: these creatures are home in “the Big Land.”

I have never met this man, and now, I never can, however, when I read him, I felt my eyes start watering and my throat starting to tense. And I’ve never had allergies.

The mark of a good writer isn’t just about how he writes, the most important thing is to remember the reasons for it.

When I think of Labrador, I think of ski-do trips with my family across whole lakes for Ice fishing, the field trip my English class once took to walk a ski trail, I think of literally looking in my backyard as a child, and seeing a green forest covered in pure white snow.  Everyone who lives here knows how beautiful Labrador can really be, and we sometimes end up overlooking it.

It takes a special man to remember how beautiful his home is, and keep remembering how it is. Especially when most others probably forget to notice.

Kerra Quigley from Them Days



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