Technical Difficulties of Them Days

Ever try experiencing life from a mouse’s perspective?

Them Days doesn't have mice. But if we did they'd have it made. :)

Them Days doesn’t have mice.  But if anyone knows a team of mice electrician willing to work for cheese let us know.

The computers at Them Days have always had a shared rock star attitude with it’s Them Days staff. One laptop can’t play any sound other than “pings” of disapproval, another plays live videos roughly five seconds slower than another so we here stereo if we play them at the same time, a couple of our computers went on strike for a few months.

The latest of the band member’s tantrums, is in regards to the Wifi they found in their dressing rooms. (*Cue the groans*)

It’s not that we don’t appreciate our rock stars, it’s just they don’t appreciate us. Them Days has spent roughly a week trying to fix the cables for Ethernet, brought in a professional, there is a ceiling tile that will never be straight again, and we are still down a laptop.

We at Them Days are of course taking this in stride…

I dare you to look away...

I dare you to look away…

Even if we are in over our heads.


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One response to “Technical Difficulties of Them Days

  1. Alicia

    LOL! I died! Let’s hope it’s all straightened out soon

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