New Service at Them Days: Walking Tours!

You may have already heard this in our latest issue, number 38.2, but Them Days is planning to start a walking tour program this summer as we try to raise some funds for our magazine and archives. Whether you are a tourist seeking new experiences in foreign areas, or a nearby resident who would like to learn some history about the valley, you are bound to have a good time. These tours will include stops with elders who are knowledegable about life in the early valley, and are excited to share their personal experiences! We will meet with them as we take you walking around the lower valley area, starting from our office here at Them Days, and then walking on the path alongside the beautiful Churchill river as we make our way to Birch Island. The tour will conclude where we started at Them Days, and the stops with our elders will vary from tour to tour.

Kerra and Aimee viewing the Churchill River from Birch Island

Kerra and Aimee viewing the Churchill River from Birch Island

The tours will have special focus on some topics such as life on Birch Island before its residents were relocated, the nursing clinic in Happy Valley, and more general topics such as how life was in Happy Valley-Goose Bay many years ago. We plan to begin these tours very soon, and will run until the end of August. There will be special rates for couples, families, and children as well. It is a project that we at Them Days are excited to carry out and share with you. We hope you are, too! Thanks for reading, it’s always a pleasure!



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