Timbits Across Canada

Hitch Hiking across a foreign country is definitely a popular bucket list item, what about your own home country? Canadian journalist John Stackhouse after returning home to Canada after nine years overseas celebrates his homecoming with a cross country hitch hiking trip to assess his country for himself.

Throughout the book John gives and is given advice on hitch hiking safety. Never enter a car with shaded windows, never get in a car with a single person with shaded windows, never get in a car with someone who is high, driving a car with shaded windows and his girlfriend. The last one was more of a personal experience rather than a written rule.

I was surprised to hear what people had to say, opinions about politics, their communities, on the human condition itself(Sometimes through uncomfortably loud diatribes). As well as a varied from every kind of person you could imagine. The younger generation, the wiser generation, those who were once foreign to Canada, as well as those with thick family roots, even a con man. The author has a clear and organized way of expressing his trip and his own reservations. A controlled style for a book of a thousand points of view. 

Four Labradorian Flags out of five. 🙂






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