Saying Goodbye

Today is my last day at Them Days.

I hardly know what to say, which for a blog is great. It feels like I was just getting used to Them Days, and now, my time’s up. I’m going to miss seeing everyone everyday, and especially getting to write this blog. The blog started out as the thing I was most nervous about. After a while it became the part of the job I liked the most. The chance to write on a weekly basis, and getting feedback on it was fun for me.

 When I took on this job, I learned a lot of new and unexpected things. I learned a little about birth, cannibalism, parachuting dogs, electrical wiring, snotty computers, as well as a fair bit of Labradorian history.

My last day I was treated to lunch and a cookie by my co workers at Them days. We had a great time. I’m gonna miss it.

My final days at Them Days.

Good bye.


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