Labrador Canoe Regatta 2014

Them Days Inc. has been a participant in many Labrador Canoe Regattas over the years. We’re looking forward to being a part of this year’s one as well! We race this Sunday at 2pm. I had the chance to take part in last year’s novelty race with Them Days, and we came so close to winning, despite finishing in 4th place. I’ll tell you how!

We had 6 members who took part in the race: Myself, my father Craig Chaulk, Morgon Mills, Jillian Larkham, Aimee Chaulk and Terrilynn Saunders-Ryan. As we were waiting to start the race in our canoe, we realized that we couldn’t place lower than third since there were only three teams racing. However, another team formed at the last minute.

Our team!

Our team!

The water was quite rough that day. The organizers decided that us novelty racers should go an even shorter distance than usual for the novelty race, and so they placed a buoy closer towards us. We got off to a slow start, with all three of the other teams passing us before we could reach the buoy. However we had the fastest turn around the buoy and came back with the lead, thanks to my dad’s steering expertise. The others gained on us though, and we actually T-boned another canoe! We hit it head on. Our luck kept getting worse as two canoes caught up to us and paddled on both sides, preventing us from being able to paddle. This was how we finished the race, in between the two canoes and in last place. It was a good race though and a fun one. This year we’re hoping to improve!

The original River Rats team, in what is probably the first Labrador Canoe Regatta

The original River Rats team, in what is probably the first Labrador Canoe Regatta


One of the earlier Mulliauk Mouche teams

One of the members on our team this year, John Gaudi, works for the CBC. He recently interviewed Myrna Gillam, the chair of the Labrador Canoe Regatta this year. Check out the interview here:

Lastly, I would like to let you know that our office will be closed this Monday, due to a civic holiday. We hope you all have a good weekend, and hope to see you down at the regatta!


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