Fires Near Mud Lake

For those of you who don’t know, I live in Mud Lake. So I had a really good view of one of the fires. I first heard the thunder around 6pm yesterday or so, and was expecting some rain! The rain didn’t come though, which is a problem for fires. I went out into the lake with my parents  and along with the fire that started we saw other Mud Lakers gathered in their boats. The fire seemed to be quite close to where we were and it looked to be moving towards us. We were all quite relaxed though.

People gathering in the lake, fire visible in the background

People gathering in the lake, fire visible in the background

Some flames visible

Some flames visible

I was out in the lake for about 20 minutes or so! However as you can imagine there were people back and forth into the lake throughout the whole evening and night. Lots of smoke entered Mud Lake’s vicinity for a short time, and I thought we were going to be evacuated, but the wind changed direction again. Later, in the night, I heard that the fire was picking up some intensity, and I went with my parents to the lake again. Now, we can’t see the lake from our wharf, but we could easily see the light from the fire over the trees.

The camera doesn't do it any justice

From the lake entrance. The camera doesn’t do it any justice

Indeed, the flames were burning brightly and were very visible. Every couple of minutes you would see a tree or two light up and we could see how far the fire had moved in the ~6 hours it was burning. It was quite a sight, and it would be a beautiful evening if it weren’t for the fire. However there seems to be no immediate danger to Mud Lake, so that’s a relief! This morning the fire is still active but there are water bombers working on it.


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