My Last Day at Them Days (Again)

Well, it’s time for me to head back to school once again. I’m here to write about my last day working for Them Days, for a second time! I’ve enjoyed working here over the past two summers. I’ve had great co-workers and rewarding work, which is probably why I came back! Like most people, the time has really flown by and it feels like I’ve just started. These three months didn’t feel like three months, that’s for sure.

Today was a nice day. Alicia, Aimee, Daphne and me headed out for a last-day meal. Alicia, our project worker, is nearly done working here. Tessa is too. This means the office will be nearly empty in a few days. Lots of changes for everyone here at Them Days!

Well there’s not much more to say, I hope you enjoyed the blog, which is not going back to school thankfully! There’ll be lots more to read since you still have Aimee. Thanks for reading!

Last picture!

Last picture!





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  1. Theresa

    All the best Wallace. You will be missed.

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