This is one of the highlights of the year for Them Days–our annual Culture Days event! (This is our FIFTH time doing Culture Days…can you imagine?!)

This year, I got a little carried away with making posters. So there are TEN in all. They all look pretty much the same, except that I use different pictures. My idea was to find some sad/frustrated/glum/angry-looking people in the archive and use their picture. (You’ll see what I mean below.)

I expected it to be easy…I mean, archives are full of old pictures of people looking dour, right? Well, it turns out we Labradorians are a happier-looking bunch than I thought. (Especially the Mud Lakers! They’re always smiling and looking mischievious!)

But, when I did find some pictures…well, I couldn’t pick JUST ONE!

So for the next ten days, you’ll be treated to ten posters on this blog. ENJOY!! hhahaha



Also, a reminder that our FUNDRAISER is on October 18, and it promises to be a good one!



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One response to “CULTURE DAYS NEXT WEEK!!!!

  1. Mary Ellen

    Love the posters!

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