20141006 - Party landscape

The Them Days concert fundraiser is coming up on Saturday, October 18 at 7pm at the Lawrence O’Brien Arts Centre.

It’s going to be a fun night, that’s for sure. Instead of the typical concert experience, we’ll be having more of an open-mic night kind of feel, except in true Them Days Labrador style. Just like an old-fashioned kitchen party or house party, we’ll be letting everyone perform who wants to (we’ll all be sitting up on the stage like during the SS Kyle show, not just performers). So if you’re the kind of person who plays guitar at parties, come on out! And if you like to recite poems, come on out! If your toes start tapping and you gotta dance when the accordion comes out, come on out! And, if you’re like me and you just like to watch, come on out too. The fundraiser helps Them Days do things like buy new computers for the office. (Believe me, if you have ever used a computer in our office, you would probably run out and buy a new one!)

We’ll also be having a silent auction just like in previous years. The difference is, is that this year, the silent auction will start online and finish in person at the show. Ooh! I’m getting excited just thinking about it!!



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