A Successful Fundraiser!

Saturday night marked another successful fundraiser for Them Days. This one was a bit of an experiment, really, one that we hadn’t tried out before. Instead of having a defined set list of performers, we invited the audience to participate in any way they wanted. In return, we had a variety of performances: riddles, jokes, vocal performances, poem recitations, readings, guitar, banjo and accordion performances…all sorts of entertainment!

NorthMart donated food to the event, so just like a house party, people could get up and serve themselves. I had exactly one piece of pineapple…I never have an appetite when I’m busy at an event. (And then afterwards, I always wish I had eaten some before it was all gone!)

We also had a generous donation of a number of Labrador Songbooks from the ELAA (who had gotten them from the Creative Arts Festival) that we were able to give to our audience members so we could all participate in Labrador song singalongs! That was pretty awesome, thank you!

I didn’t actually take any pictures for once (a couple of years ago, I was told to stop taking pictures at one of our fundraisers, as you’re not allowed to photograph at the O’Brien Arts Centre, so I stopped bringing my camera, even for Them Days events) so the following pictures came to me courtesy of Andrea Procter and Jamie Skidmore. (Thanks!)

I think I'm doing a reading here

I think I’m doing a reading here

Listening to some music courtesty of Richard Neville and his jam partner (sorry, I am totally blanking on your name right now!!!)

Listening to some music courtesty of Richard Neville and Waylon (sorry I don’t know your last name!)

Everyone joined in on a sing-along

Everyone joined in on a sing-along

Kids danced and adults tapped their toes to Bob Mesher's banjo-picking

Kids danced and adults tapped their toes to Bob Mesher’s banjo-picking

The partyin' cuties

The partyin’ cuties – William, Bea, and Leila (Noah not pictured)

The silent auction did very well too. All in all, the total from the door, the auction, and donations came to $1189! We also had a sales table that sold a few calendars and other items, so the total for the evening would have been just over $1200. That is awesome! 🙂

Thank you all who came out to the event, and all those who also performed! We would also like to thank those who purchased the silent auction items, and those who donated items to the auction–Theresa Hollett, Bill English, Kay Russell, John Joy, Robin McGrath, Jennifer Best, Jillian Larkham, John Gaudi, Aimee Chaulk, Bridget Chaulk, Yerry’s Tents, and John Munro. And of course, thank you to all the volunteers who gave their time in one way or another to get this fundraiser pulled together (especially Fiona Andersen and the Mokami Players and John Heard)…we really appreciate it!



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