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Busy, busy, busy!

Last week, I took some annual leave and went on what will be my last vacation for awhile, because I know it’s going to be busy, busy, busy until at least the summer. Probably after that, really, because summer is always hustle-bustle with summer students and that sort of thing.

Before I left, I managed to (almost) finish the new edition of Snowblind and Seal Finger (the days before I left are one big blur of work, work, work, no breaks), and now that I’m back, I’m finishing it up, and working on the March issue. After that, It’s full steam ahead on the Fisheries special issue, which the lovely and dedicated Tabea has been working doggedly on. I’m going to be travelling around Labrador and the Island, getting stories all about the Labrador fishery. I can’t wait!!

So I’m going to be really busy, but also, having a lot of fun with it. I hope to post more on the blog than I have in recent weeks! (Seriously, my recent silence is a testament to just how busy we’ve been lately, between computer problems, regular issues, and the Snowblind publication.)

And let’s just hope that the weather will co-operate…I was supposed to arrive home on Sunday, but ended up with a cancelled flight, a rescheduled flight for late-night Monday, overnighting in the St.John’s airport,and an early-morning flight back to Goose Bay on Tuesday, after which I went straight to the office, luggage and all (with over a metre of snow and two storms while I was gone, my driveway was NOT accessible!!!). So I’ve been a little tired this week, as you might imagine.


Not something you want to see after sitting around the airport all day, waiting for a flight that is delayed and then delayed again…Credit for the photo goes to John Gaudi

And with that, dear readers, I really must get back to some 19th century correspondence….



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