Happy Birthday, Daphne!

I have the first spare moments that I’ve had since I-don’t-know-when, so time to start blogging!! There is oh-so-much to say. This perhaps isn’t the most work-related post, but I suppose it’s the most time-sensitive, so let’s get to that first. Happy Birthday!! Daphne had her birthday last week, and now she’s studying about archives. So that’s pretty exciting. Our office has been very well-travelled lately.

Tabea and I went out at lunch time and bought some cheesecake squares and a LOT of candles and sparklers (they were all so fun! I couldn’t help myself, even though we could have gotten by with just two. Did you know you can get candles with coloured flames?) Then Daphne’s niece dropped by to say hello and we conspired with her to get Daphne back in the archives so she wouldn’t know that we were frantically lighting all the candles and arranging the squares on a plate. (Those plastic shells are SO NOISY.)



They really were very exciting candles and sparklers.

They really were very exciting candles and sparklers.

Blowing out her candles

Blowing out her candles

That’s it for now! Time to tidy up and leave for the day on this gorgeous (and very warm and melt-y) spring day!


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