A Little Bit of Recognition!

So I heard this happened today:

MR. SPEAKER: The hon. the Member for Torngat Mountains.

MR. EDMUNDS: Mr. Speaker, I rise in this hon. House today to congratulate the producers of Them Days magazine on their fortieth anniversary.

Them Days magazine was first produced in 1975 by the Labrador Heritage Society, and has been published quarterly ever since. From trapper tales to interviews with fishermen, the magazine has celebrated and remembered days gone by in Labrador.

Many claim that the magazine would not have been possible without Doris Saunders, the driving force behind Them Days for nearly thirty years. Her legacy lives on in the publication of the magazine that continues to this day with the help of many dedicated people in Labrador.

As part of the fortieth anniversary celebrations, Them Days will be publishing a special issue on the Labrador fishery in June called Floaters, Stationers and Livyeres.

Them Days is a cultural institution for Labrador – an institution that has been successful in capturing the history of the Big Land through the eyes and ears of Labradorians themselves. There are many stories yet to be told.

I ask all hon. members to join me in congratulating Them Days magazine on their forty years in production, and I look forward to reading many more issues in the years ahead.

Thank you.

SOME HON. MEMBERS: Hear, hear!

Thank you to Torngat Mountains MHA Randy Edmunds for that bit of recognition!



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