More workers!

So it’s summertime (well, sort of), and that means something very exciting for Them Days–SUMMER STUDENTS!

We have two students in our office this summer, Wallace and Sandra. If you’re a long-time reader of the blog, you’ll know Wallace already. Sandra just started and has fit into the office very easily. It helps that she was on our Regatta team, I guess!

Sandra, Phoenix, and Wallace!

Sandra, Phoenix, and Wallace!

We also just got a new laptop, since the other one is kicking the bucket, one port at a time (we’re down to one USB port out of three, the built-in SD card reader doesn’t work anymore, and the hard drive has been filled up too many times to count). It’s eight years old, and has had a long, happy, productive life, seen a lot of Labrador, even been all the way to the Yukon! It won’t be retired JUST yet, but the new one will take over a lot of the duties.

Tabea's trip to the post office was a happy occasion!

Tabea’s trip to the post office was a happy occasion!

The anticipation!  Ohhh I am so excited!!

The anticipation! Ohhh I am so excited!!

AHHHH!!! It is here!!!

AHHHH!!! It is here!!!

I was SO happy to get it in the mail the other day. If you’ve ever had the “joy” of working with geriatric technology, you’ll know what I mean.

But then…the happiness was brought down a peg or two when it was discovered that the sound card wasn’t working!!!!! Noooooooooooo!!! We have two computers that can’t be used for transcribing because of issues with their sound cards, and the new computer was supposed to alleviate that issue, but it appeared that we had gotten a defective computer. 😦 😦 😦

But Wallace saved the day…over 2 gigs of updates later, the sound is WORKING! I said we need to name the computer, and Sandra suggested something that comes back from the dead or rises again, so I suggested Phoenix. That’s the computer’s nickname for now.


PS: When Windows 8.1 asks you if you want to sync the two computers that are under the same account and use the same settings, and you do, figuring the new computer will take on all the modified settings and things that you’ve put together over the last several months on the desktop, you will be disappointed to find that the old desktop takes on the bloatware and the factory settings from the laptop! Just a forewarning.

PPS: So the audio crapped out again–the driver DISAPPEARED!!!! So we are having some help in getting it fixed–thanks Jessica!!!


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