My Last Day at Them Days

I can’t believe I’m working my last day at Them Days! Everything went by so fast once we started working on the latest issue, and there hasn’t been much time for blogging, but even though it’s my last day I’ll have a few posts lined up for after I leave!

It’s a little weird to introduce myself now, but I was a seven week summer student here at Them Days, working as a tour guide and as an editorial assistant on the side. If you happened to drop in, I was the quiet, short one that wasn’t Aimee, Wallace, or Daphne! This coming week, we’re getting a new summer student, Robyn Clark, and she’ll be our new quiet one!

I’m going to miss working here, definitely! Even in these few weeks, I learned so much about Labrador that I didn’t know before, and that’s not even the tip of our deep and colourful history! I always knew that there was a good bit of our history cut out of my secondary schooling (I don’t remember getting much more than a mention of Labrador in any of my history and social studies courses), but I was suprised just how exciting a story I was missing! Researching and practicing for the tours, I learned lots about Happy Valley in particular . It seems like it must have been such an energetic place — Much more so than anyone my age might expect — and that goes for all areas of Labrador!

Anyway, I’m glad to have been able to work with such a wonderful set of people! That goes to everyone in the office, everyone who has visited, and everyone who has told us their stories! Thank you!


(Sometimes were just being goofballs. Here, Aimee was trying out one of her photo techniques while I posed!)


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