Practice Tour/Story Walk

Hey guys! Tourist season is upon us. As some of you may remember, we established a walking tour program of the historic lower valley last summer. We will be continuing the program this summer as well! These tours may also be referred to as story walks, since we will be visiting a local elder as they tell us about his/her experiences in early Happy Valley. I can’t give you any specific dates yet, but the program will resume very soon, and will have a weekly schedule.

At Birch Island!

At Birch Island!

Sandra and I went on a practice tour recently! We needed to iron out some details with the tour and see where we can improve. Our walk took us from the Them Days office down Strathcona street to the old nurse’s clinic, which is now someone’s home. We continued on the old path along to the Churchill River to Birch Island, where many people used to live. We completed the tour by walking along Grenfell street and back towards our office. There is much to learn about the lower valley, it seems you can discover history at every step!


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