Expo Labrador

Well it was that time of year again: Christmas! Just kidding. But Expo Labrador is always a nice treat when we manage to make it there. Them Days had a booth, so it was a great opportunity for us to demonstrate what we represent and for us to meet some new people.

Our booth!

Sandra at our booth!

We had some old clothes with us

That hat though

This year, for our booth, Them Days brought along some old clothes for decoration, but also for anyone who wanted to come and try them on! We didn’t have many takers but we had some fun with it anyway. Our table also featured a prize draw, magazines and flags. We were happy to speak with anyone who happened to pass by.



Time went by quickly at Expo over the two days we were present. People were friendly and eager to speak with us, sharing their business interests but also personal ones! Us Them Days employees had a good time, and hope to attend future expos as well.


Aimee and I at another booth!

Aimee and I at another booth!

We hope everyone enjoyed their time at Expo as much as we did. Thanks for reading!


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