Last Day!

Well it’s that time again, my last day of work at Them Days! It’s been a quick 15 weeks here, the fastest summer yet! It actually feels like I just started working here. I’ve worked with some great people and had some good times (all while working very hard of course!) so I believe that’s why. I’ve been busy here and hope that I made it easier on everyone, and I hope I helped out those of you who visited our office, or read this blog. Thanks for reading, by the way! That’s all for me, Aimee will keep this blog goin’ strong so enjoy!


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One response to “Last Day!

  1. Doug Bostwick

    Great job, Wally! Your posts will be missed. Maybe you could be a “Foreign” correspondent and post to the Labradorian?
    And don’t forget to spread that fantastic Labrador friendliness around wherever you go … it’s contagious, you know.
    Godspeed and may you have a prosperous future.

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