2016 Calendars are here!!! (And out around town!)

The calendar is NOW AVAILABLE!

The calendar is NOW AVAILABLE!

It’s that time of year again–time to get your Them Days 2016 Labrador calendar!! If you live in Happy Valley-Goose Bay, you can find it around town at Them Days retailers (and of course, at our office)! They are also currently for sale at our north coast retailers. If you don’t live here or the north coast, fear not: you can buy them online through our website!

They’ve been out for a week, and we’ve already got close to half gone from our office, and retailers have already asked to be restocked, so it’s a hot commodity this year! Get yours now! I don’t need to tell you that they’re a great gift idea for Christmas, but I suppose I just did. Give an affordable gift someone will use all year round, and support Them Days at the same time–does it get any better?


PS If you pre-ordered your calendar, it’s on the way!


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