Help Fundraise for Them Days by Bidding in our Auction!

Our reading room looks like a gift store just exploded all over it, because, well, it’s silent auction time! We have an auction ongoing on our Facebook page, and it’s super-easy to participate. Just “like” us on Facebook, then make a bid!

There’s a bit of a twist, though: those attending our fundraiser on Saturday have one last crack at the auction items after it has ended on Facebook. That means if you’re not going to be at the fundraiser, you should bid carefully so you don’t get it snatched away at the end!

(Or, you should just show up to the fundraiser if you’re in town.)

There are some rare issues in our auction, so if you’re looking for any, this is the place to look!!

For example, take a look at THIS:

and this:

and there are other things, too, like



And LOTS more. I’m not even showing you my favourite item!!

Here are the official rules:

Online bidding will commence immediately. Comment on the images to place a bid. You can bid any amount you like, as long as your bid is in dollars only (no cents). Online bidding will cease at 4:00pm Atlantic Time on Saturday, October 24, 2015. A comment by the official Them Days page on the pictures will announce the close of online bidding. Then, the auction will re-commence in person at the Them Days fundraiser at the Lawrence O’Brien Arts Centre in Happy Valley-Goose Bay with the final bid from Facebook as the opening bid. The auction will close at the end of the evening, shortly after the concert, and winners may pick up the items then and there if they are present and pay for their items. Out-of-town winners are responsible for shipping costs. We accept cash and cheque on site, and debit, credit (Visa/Mastercard) and Paypal. Bid wisely!

Seriously, go Like our Facebook page and get started bidding!



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