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Inventory Count-Done! Whew.

So yesterday and today, when many people were enjoying their days off during the Christmas holidays, a bunch of elves were busy at the Them Days office.

That’s because it was time for our inventory count!

Our inventory count involves counting all the back issues of the magazine in our inventory room and organizing the boxes so we can easily access them and find them and so on. It doesn’t seem like it should get out of order in there, but somehow, it always does.

So it’s a big job. There are a LOT of old magazines in that inventory room. We just spent two days counting and moving. I’m wiped (doesn’t help that I’ve come down with a cold, I suppose) and I wasn’t even moving a lot of boxes! I was in charge of keeping track of the numbers. How many boxes was that for 37.1? How many in the open box for 28.3? How many per box for 23.4?

And then, in the end, we had a lot of stuff that was ready for the dump, and now the office feels so clean and organized! Seriously, empty shelves in our inventory room? It’s been awhile.

I only remembered to take pictures at the end of the second day of counting, so there are no pictures of us actually doing the counting or any of the people who were helping out on the first day. Sorry. We were busy!

Jonathan takes the empty boxes to the dump. Some of those boxes are older than me! (And definitely older than him.)

Jonathan takes the empty boxes to the dump. Some of those boxes are older than me! (And definitely older than him.)

Jonathan and Nick.

Jonathan and Nick, our dump-runners. (Jonathan also helped out a bit with the counting yesterday.)

Bea and the tree

Bea and the tree

Wednesday's inventory counters: me, Beatrix, Morrgon, Shirley, Theresa, and Linda in front.

Wednesday’s inventory counters: me, Beatrix, Morrgon, Shirley, Theresa, and Linda in front.

Breaking down the boxes

Breaking down the boxes

So thank you to our volunteers, all of whom came in for a day or two of labour during their holidays. (It’s one thing for me and Shirley to do it, because we are working, but they are all volunteers!) Thanks Theresa, Linda, Josh, Mike, Jonathan, Nick, Morgon, and Beatrix!

(Yes, even Beatrix got in on the helping. She was NOT impressed with me for telling her to be careful around people carrying boxes. She wanted to help carry them herself! Eventually she just wanted to play with the little Christmas tree.)

I’m so stiff from all the standing and moving boxes, and believe me, I only moved a fraction of what some of the others did!



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2015 in review (Review by WordPress)

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2015 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A New York City subway train holds 1,200 people. This blog was viewed about 5,000 times in 2015. If it were a NYC subway train, it would take about 4 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

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Ahhhh…the sweet sound of nothing (absolutely 100% pressing) to do

The last little while has been very hectic for me. Normally, in the period between September and December, I work on one 64-page issue of Them Days and we have a fundraiser and attend the big craft sale in town. It’s our busiest time of year.

This year, it was a wee bit busier. I took 2.5 weeks of annual leave in September for a long-planned vacation, and then it was time to hit the ground running. I have had to go to Halifax for a dental appointment because I had an accident. At work, I wrote five applications for grants and similar things, and put together two special issues, one that was 196 pages (a bit more than three times the size of a normal issue) and one that was 128 pages (two times the size of a normal issue), so it was like I put together five issues instead of one. I attended the Nunatsiavut Heritage Forum in Hopedale, which is normally held in the summer but was postponed. We have held a fundraiser at the Lawrence O’Brien Arts Centre, attended the big craft sale, and had two more craft-sale fundraisers with the proceeds going to Them Days (thank you, Erwin Ponce!). I was the only person in the office for over a month, and then I helped the new temporary administrator get oriented. Plus my great-grandmother, great-uncle, and great-aunt have all passed away in that time, which can make concentrating on work difficult, besides taking the time for family responsibilities. (Just yesterday, I attended my great-aunt Stella’s funeral, and for the first time ever, was given the responsibility of doing a reading at a funeral service.). It has been a long, hard few months. And then, just to top it off, on Friday, I was in the office, sick as a dog, trying to finish as much work on the second special issue between puking up my guts. (Sorry for the image.)

So now that the last big deadline has come and gone and the magazine is being printed RIGHT NOW, TODAY, and the holidays are here, I am sitting here in the office with nothing to do.

Well, that’s not true. I have a lot of things to do:

  1. Clean my office. Seriously, it is MESSY. I’ve always said that you can tell how close I am to a deadline by how things pile up around my office, and how many things are on my desk in front of my computer. Well, I just had two special issue deadlines in a month. You can only imagine.
  2. Clean the rest of the office. Similarly, I haven’t kept up my half of the sweeping and mopping and bathroom cleaning, and I will do that today.
  3. Archive & Library stuff. Because I’ve been working so much on the magazine lately, I’ve been a bit neglectful of the archive and library, besides what needed to be done right away (dealing with inquiries and researchers, etc.). I got a bit done right after the Nunatsiavut issue went to print because I took a couple of days to just step away from the editorial side of things to clear my brain and make myself a more effective editor and did archival things a month ago, but that’s not really as much as I should have done or regularly do.
  4. Prepare for our next big project. Them Days has recently received a grant from Library and Archives Canada for a big project that involves a new person working in the office for awhile this winter. I have to get ready for her arrival and put some things in place for the project to start on January 4.
  5. Customer sales. Well, this is not so much a to-do as it is just…well, doing. We’re not a super-busy office this way, but it is the holidays and I’m by myself in the office. So that is something I’m sure I’ll be working on.
  6. E-mails. Are there e-mails I have yet to reply to? I’m sure. I can’t think of any, but I can be a horrible e-mail correspondent, especially when I’m busy. I didn’t even open my e-mail program once on Monday! That’s how intensely I was working on the final details of the Fishery issue.
  7. Write a blog entry. Well, look at me! I’m already doing it! I’ve been neglecting the blog in favour of putting together the magazine (as any reader would notice!) so it’s time to draw up a blog calendar and write all the blog entries I haven’t done in the last little while. I mean, I didn’t even write a blog entry about my big trip to St. John’s and environs back in March!!

The important thing, however, is that I am NOT working on a magazine right now!! And when I do work on that March issue, it’s going to be SO easy. Just 64 pages, much of it already compiled because I had WAY too much stuff for the issue on the Labrador fishery!

Woo hoo! Time to chill out and putter around the office!


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Happy 10th Anniversary, Nunatsiavut! (SPECIAL PUBLICATION ALERT!)

Happy Nunatsiavut Day! Today is a very special Nunatsiavut Day, as it marks the 10th anniversary of the formation of the Nunatsiavut Government.

We’ve been working on a very special issue of Them Days in celebration of this day, and I’m so excited about it. One-hundred-and-ninety-six pages of stories from Nunatsiavut!! (That sounds like a lot, and it is, but believe me, there were a LOT more!)

Jillian Larkham and I worked on this issue together, and since it was sent to the printers, it’s been weird not working with her on it. Jill, I miss you!

There is such a wealth of stories and histories from Nunatsiavut, and it was really quite amazing to put it all together. The publication consists of new stories about the path of the LIA through land claims negotiations, coupled with older stories from previous issues of Them Days, all compiled into one large compendium of Them Days. At 196 pages, it has the most pages of any Them Days publication ever produced, AND it is also the very first Them Days publication with a full-colour cover! (So you see why we are just so excited about it.)

This special publication would not have been possible without the funding for it from the Nunatsiavut Government. Thank you, thank you, thank you! And Happy Anniversary!

So, without further ado, here it is:

Nunatsiavut Cover

The special issue celebrating the 10th Anniversary of Nunatsiavut.

Now get on out there and celebrate Nunatsiavut!



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