Nain – #IDThemDays

IMG_20160317_215951I’ve recently returned from a trip to the coast of Labrador.  During the week of March 17th to March 24th I travelled to Nain and Natuashish with the #IDThemDays Project.  It was my first chance to head to the coast and also my first experience with a twin otter plane and on a snowmobile.  I left Goose Bay on Thursday morning and arrived in Nain around lunch.  I hitched a ride to the house where I was staying, had a sandwich for lunch and then I travelled to the Nunatsiavut Government Administration Building where I met with community elders in the board room.
There were seven people at the first identification session on Thursday afternoon and several of these elders returned the following morning to review more photographs of northern Labrador.  There was one woman in particular who went through all the photographs from Nain northward I brought to be identified and still would have come back to look at more photographs!  I met with seven elders on Friday and a further two on Saturday afternoon to identify photographs.  There were many people who I would’ve loved to meet but unfortunately time and circumstances didn’t allow for it.  However the people I met with were lovely and we enjoyed reviewing the photographs over a cup a tea.  I had about 15 elders to the three sessions and they identified approximately 150 photographs.
It is always interesting to hear some of the stories that come out of looking through the photographs.  We found a photo of Lisa’s , the community health worker, parents on their wedding day.  Lisa had never seen the photograph and she doesn’t have any pictures of them so she was delighted to see this photo and I am delighted that I will be able to send one her way.
I thoroughly enjoyed my time in Nain.  When I was not in meetings with elders I would borrow my host Fran’s dog and walk around exploring the landscape.  The mountains that surround the community are beautiful and the people I met were wonderful.  Although my time in the community was brief it was a wonderful experience!


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