Cartwright – #IDThemDays

During the first week of April I headed to Cartwright for a few days of photo identification events.  My flight was delayed one day due to the weather but on Tuesday April 5th I flew into Cartwright on the medevac plane.  That afternoon I went to the local 50+ club Marion Centre where eleven community members gathered to review photographs on the projector screen.  There were 66 photographs identified that afternoon.  In the evening the centre was hosting bingo so I went to meet some more people and play some bingo.  It was a prize bingo and I was lucky enough to win twice.
On Wednesday and Thursday I went back to the centre where residents identified a lot more photographs.  It was great to have a group of people together to look at the photos as they would remind each other of the events around a photograph and argue about who the people in a photo were until everyone was satisfied.  We had a lot of slide photos from the Lockwood School and some from the Grenfell mission in St. Anthony.  It was great to have these identified so they can be put in the right sections.
On Friday morning I met with an elderly couple in their home and showed them some photographs of their hometown.  The wife was rather shy but the husband let me interview him a about growing up in Sandwich Bay, some of the jobs he has had over the years (fisherman, lumber worker, carpenter, etc.), and his relocation from Dove Brook to Cartwright.
I was supposed to fly out in the afternoon on Friday but the bad weather cancelled the flight.  I took the opportunity to head to the Marion Centre again to meet with community members.  Nine people dropped by to review the photos and when the time came supper they didn’t want to leave.  We decided to come back for a couple of hours in the evening.  A whopping 735 photographs were partially identified in the Sandwich Bay region! So it was a very productive trip!
I think some people would continue to come to the centre every day to look at photographs regardless of whether or not they needed to be identified.  They just really enjoyed looking through pictures and telling stories about the people and events.  The weather kept me in Cartwright over the weekend as well but I had some lovely meals at Judy Pardy’s home and it gave me the opportunity to put the finishing touches on my final work term report.



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