Anna Hutchings – Editorial Assistant

Hi everyone! My name is Anna Hutchings. I’m a summer student employee here at Them Days. This summer, I’ll be working as an editorial assistant alongside our editor Aimee Chaulk.

I’m currently a student at Memorial University in St. John’s studying towards a History degree. I don’t see any summer job being a better fit to helping me succeed with my degree than working at Them Days! History has always been a major interest for me. All through high school I always looked forward to taking history classes (which were all done in French) and that’s when I knew that it was what I wanted to carry on into post-secondary.

Anna1My favorite thing about working with Them Days so far is that I’m learning a lot more information and interesting facts about where I’ve lived for most of my life! In school, they didn’t teach us anything about the things that have happened right in our own backyard. We all made a goal list for ourselves and my goals for this summer are:

1.Improving my research skills.
2.Learn more about interviewing.
3.Gain more information about Labrador.
4.Connect with people in my community.
5.Gain more experience in writing.
6.Gain personal experience working in an archive.

I’m really looking forward to continuing the summer in our office. I can’t wait to be working on and contributing towards magazines, teaming up with my co-workers and trying my best to achieve my goals. I hope to see you in store this summer!


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