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Food, Food, Glorious Food!

Growing up with a father who cooked in the Navy; I was always learning about unique, and different foods and dishes. I think a lot of people don’t realize, that in Labrador, we have such a background for some very interesting and tasty food.

Going to things like Canada Day at Kinsmen Park, the North West River Beach Festival, or Aboriginal Day at the Leon Cooper Park; one is bound to gain some exposure to some type or form of traditional Labrador food.

A few very popular treats made at all these events are Bear Paws (which is essentially our take on Beaver Tails but we sell them in a Labrador tent…makes the difference right?!),
Innu donuts and anything with wild berries. Is any of this stuff really good for your body? The answer is no…not at all… but the taste makes every single bite totally worth it


Innu Donuts w/ Red Berries

A project that we’re starting at Them Days is an issue of a Labrador Cook-Book! We’re looking for all kinds of recipes from all over Labrador- new and old. Those of you that have subscriptions to our magazine should have gotten a flyer with your latest issue about it.


Stove in a traditional Labrador tent. Often used to cook tasty treats!

For those of you reading this that didn’t receive one; send anything you think we could include in our book to or to us on Facebook so we can take a look (and probably a taste too). We’re hoping to release before Christmas as it would make for the perfect holiday gift. We ask that if you are going to submit that you do so before the end of September so that we have a chance to put it all together.

That’s it for me this week, folks! Back to work I go.



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Vol. 40, No. 2 is out in the world!

This should be arriving in mailboxes across the country now. (Those of you living locally would have received it probably Monday in your mailbox.) Keep an eye out for it in your mailbox, at your local retailer, or, if you’re so inclined,!40_2 cover

This issue has a lot to chew on–check out the preview on our website.


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Job Ad – Researcher

20160624 - Grub job ad

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Job Ad – High School Students apply!

20160624 - summer student job ad high school

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A Them Days Wishlist

Today I’m ordering a new computer for the administrator’s office. Anyone who has had the privilege of using the current computer knows just how tedious it can be to work on it. It is slow, doesn’t always respond, and is pretty darn frustrating. It’s about eight years old, so it’s put in its time. (My computer is similarly old, but it’s had a hard drive upgrade, so it’s still decent. A new computer is probably going to have to come soon, though.)

We’re able to buy this new computer with the help of a few generous donors who heard we needed a new computer and decided to contribute with the provision that it go towards a new computer. (Thank you!)

That’s got me thinking about all the other things we need in this office. We make-do with a lot of things around here that wouldn’t be up to scratch in a normal (ie., not non-profit) office.

Here’s a short list:

  • Speakers. We don’t have a working set of speakers for any computer in this office. The laptop ones work, thankfully. But on the main editor’s computer, it would be very handy to be able to listen to audio without headphones.
  • Headphones. Good quality ones. Believe me, it makes all the difference. I bought a pair of what I thought were good quality headphones, and they’ve ended up being our office headphones. They’ve been here for about five or six years. I suppose I can barely call them my own at this point. Then I was given a pair of reallllly nice headphones as a gift. Of course, they are here at the office too, but I would really like to take them home as they are my own personal headphones and I don’t want them to get broken and I would also like to be able to use them at home. I brought them in because they really make all the difference in being able to transcribe interviews.
  • Tape player. We’ve worn out two of these already with digitization efforts, and we desperately need to digitize the rest of the tapes. The tapes degrade over time, and they need to be done sooner rather than later. Already, they don’t sound great (though we discovered that at least part of that was due to the quality of the tape players before they crapped out).
  • Tablet. With technology moving so fast the way it is, a tablet would let us take payments at craft tables and fundraisers with a wifi connection (or a sim card) and also help us take our digital offerings into the future! We want to offer digital magazines in the future for people who don’t want to get paper copies (or just get them in addition!) AND for our sold-out issues. Tablets also make it easy to make videos, etc. We could also scan our tickets for our tours. We also hope to develop an app in the future. We could also very easily bring photos and other documents safely with us wherever we go. We could also use it for our social networking. For example, you can’t use Instagram without a mobile device like a tablet or a phone. Right now, I use my own cellphone or our students use their phones, but this is not ideal for obvious reasons (one of which is that I only have 50 mb of data on my plan so if I go over, I have to shell out of pocket).
  • Portable scanner. When I do interviews, I copy pictures from my sources to go with the story for the magazine. This would be much easier and also scan at better quality than just taking a picture of a picture.



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Happy Aboriginal Day!!

Happy Aboriginal Day, everyone! (‘Journee Nationale des Autochtones’ in French). On June 21st 2016 (aka Today), National Aboriginal Day is celebrating 20 years of bright traditions and culture. It is used to recognize and celebrate the Inuit, First Nations and Metis people of Canada, their culture and what they have done for our past, present and future.

Every year on June 21st in Canada, Aboriginal Day is celebrated. Here, the festivities take place at the Leon Cooper Memorial national-aboriginal-dayPark (Which is a stop on our walking tours!!). At the park, they accommodate all ages- they have a lot of fun games, traditional music, crafts, foods (a lot of people’s favorite part) and other performances like drum dancing.

I remember as a child I would love going to the Aboriginal Day Fair. I always found it so different from the Canada Day celebrations at Kinsmen Park or the Big Land Fair at the college. It was more intimate because of its smaller size and always interested me because I got to see different performances and try all kinds of food that I’ve never got to taste before.

The weather is absolutely beautiful today- so they really got lucky this year. If you’re reading this in time and are in the area, try to get down there! And if you’re too late, I highly recommend that you take a visit next June. We’re pretty busy here at the office so if we don’t get a chance to take a look at the fair, I’ll definitely be listening closely to hear the music in the distance.

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Being A Summer Student Employee at Them Days

I remember the first day so clearly. It was actually my first time stepping into the Them Days office. I remember it being much bigger than I imagined, all of the magazines neatly placed on the shelves, the cute kitchenette, and the ‘first day in the office’ intimidation.

After meeting Aimee, her trendy pink pants, and Shirley- Anna, Kerra and I had a quick tour and were sent to the reading room to watch a movie about Labrador’s history. I knew that with bosses as sweet as Aimee and Shirley, with co-workers as kind as Anna and Kerra, and watching a movie on the first day, that this job is exactly where I want to be for the summer.


Bradley reading his favorite issue. His favorite issue has Thorwald Perrault on the cover.

So far, my job has been nothing but interesting and rewarding. Every day I learn more and more about the place that I’ve lived for most of my life. The history here is unlike anything I’d ever think to go on in Happy Valley-Goose Bay – from such a dense medical history to the settlement and development processes, I never fail to say “Really?!” at least twice a day. Anna and I often mention to each other about the atom bombs that were found on the base because we are completely disappointed and shocked that we weren’t taught that in our high school history classes.

I’m starting to study Tourism and Hospitality at CNA in St. John’s in September and I can’t think of a better job to help me get a head start.

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