Viral @ThemDays!

Yesterday we made a post on Facebook wishing the lovely Doris Saunders a Happy Heavenly Birthday. Attached was a photo of Doris and Alice Adams square dancing along with a man playing a fiddle and the infamous “mystery hand”.

J19722We have a little joke around the office of the “viral post”. The Facebook post itself (as of current) has reached 6,494 people, has 129 likes/love reactions, 22 comments and 21 shares. Needless to say, we’re astonished with the success of this post. Every time I give Aimee an update on the post her jaw hits the floor!

Yesterday, the “mystery hand” is something that had us J197all laughing. Among the 22 comments, one person commented about a random hand in the corner with “I wonder who owns that hand?” so we took to the database, found a photo of the same event and sure enough, found the owner of the hand! However, no one has been able to identify her quite yet.

With the raging success of our post, Facebook is still encouraging us to “boost” the post for “just $5!!” (Not like we need it anyway!)

Thanks everyone! You’ll be hearing from me next Tuesday and all week on our social medias!

Facebook: Them Days
Twitter: @ThemDays
Instagram: @ThemDaysInc


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