Happy International Archives Day!

International Archive’s Day is a holiday that celebrates the significance of historical records all around the world.This year, the theme is, “Archives, Harmony, and Friendship.”

That means now could be a good day to clear out the attic, listen to old records, read past journals, maybe look through the family photos together. For those of us in Goose Bay where the sun has only been peaking out occasionally to check if we’re still here, it might be nice to stay inside and take a walk down memory lane.

Especially for those of you with Labradorean roots, who may have historically significant finds stowed away in their attics. If you find anything interesting you’re not sure about, bring it by! We’d love to see it! Maybe tell you something about it you didn’t even know.

Have a great day, and remember to celebrate!International Archive's day logo.jpeg



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