Food, Food, Glorious Food!

Growing up with a father who cooked in the Navy; I was always learning about unique, and different foods and dishes. I think a lot of people don’t realize, that in Labrador, we have such a background for some very interesting and tasty food.

Going to things like Canada Day at Kinsmen Park, the North West River Beach Festival, or Aboriginal Day at the Leon Cooper Park; one is bound to gain some exposure to some type or form of traditional Labrador food.

A few very popular treats made at all these events are Bear Paws (which is essentially our take on Beaver Tails but we sell them in a Labrador tent…makes the difference right?!),
Innu donuts and anything with wild berries. Is any of this stuff really good for your body? The answer is no…not at all… but the taste makes every single bite totally worth it


Innu Donuts w/ Red Berries

A project that we’re starting at Them Days is an issue of a Labrador Cook-Book! We’re looking for all kinds of recipes from all over Labrador- new and old. Those of you that have subscriptions to our magazine should have gotten a flyer with your latest issue about it.


Stove in a traditional Labrador tent. Often used to cook tasty treats!

For those of you reading this that didn’t receive one; send anything you think we could include in our book to or to us on Facebook so we can take a look (and probably a taste too). We’re hoping to release before Christmas as it would make for the perfect holiday gift. We ask that if you are going to submit that you do so before the end of September so that we have a chance to put it all together.

That’s it for me this week, folks! Back to work I go.



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