Busy Bees!

Hello everyone! This week’s blog post is going to be just a bit of an update of what’s happening in the office…because, we’ve had a busy week!

Starting Monday we had a NEW summer student start. Abigail Winters is her name. She’s starting her first year studies and journey towards nursing school at MUN in St. John’s this September and we’re really excited to have her here! At Them Days this summer she hopes to learn more about Labrador, improve her research skills and improve her writing skills. You will probably see a blog post coming from her in the future!

On Monday morning, I did an interview with Fiona Andersen. I had the pleasure of talking to her about her first adventures to Canada, growing up in Makkovik, and about all of her successes while living in Goose Bay. Monday afternoon we received some devastating news…Shirley (our administrator) was gone and didn’t say good bye to us (Myself, Anna and Kerra)…and needless to say, we miss her.

Yesterday was a busy day as well. A lot of transcribing and proofing of interviews, photo scanning, archival research and planning was done. We’re going to North West River tomorrow (Thursday) for an event at the Interpretation Centre. It’ll be a nice break from the office and I think we’re all really looking forward for a mini work road trip together!

Today was full of people/name searching (Identifying people in our photos from different collections), more scanning for Abby, sorting and organizing through a massive acquisition again for Kerra and Anna, planning tours, selling magazines and question forming for my upcoming interview with Gary Mitchell tomorrow morning!

Until next week!



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