Things To Do In North West River: Beach Festival Edition

In honour of the 30th North West River Beach Festival coming up this weekend, we decided to make a list of things to do during the summer in the beautiful North West River.

  1. After your walking tour with Them Days, and a bit of shopping in Goose Bay- it’s time to head on the highway and down to North West River. Usually, after the walking tour, people’s legs are pretty tired- so what better way to rest than to heading to Motel North? Motel North is only seconds away from the beach and in agreat, quiet area to get some beauty sleep. However if the Them Day’s tour has you wanting to interact with more locals, give the Red Wine Bed and Breakfast a try! Like the Motel, the Bed and Breakfast is just seconds away from the beach and we’re sure they’d love to have you for thespecial weekend coming up. But you better book early! A lot of people come into town just for the beach festival.
  2. When you’re all settled away at the Motel or the Bed and Breakfast; you’d definitely want to head on overto the beach to watch the beautiful Labrador sunset. The North West River Beach is full of white sand, and long green grass. The water may be a little chilly but nothing that won’t bother the kids or that you can’t dip your toes into. With the Mealy Mountains clear on the other side of the lake it’s the perfect place to take that summer photo to make your new Facebook profile picture!
  3. When the next morning arrives and after your beauty sleep it’s time to get up nice and early to explore as much as you can before the Beach Festival goes on its way. Things you can do are: go for a hike or drive and visit Sunday Hill look out, try the tranquility trail that is located at the far end of the beach, or go to the gift shop and tea room for a more relaxed morning.
  4. Once you’ve got your breakfast, morning walk and tea in- it’s time to head over to the wonderful museums. The Interpretation Center and The Hudson’s Bay Museum(aka. The trapping museum) are great places to learn anything and everything about Labrador’s history. At the Hudson’s Bay Museum you can see the old cable car that was used to cross people and supplies over the river! At Them Days, there is an issue all about it and the staff there would love to share some information and set you up with the issue!
  5. After you’re all history’d out, it’s time to relax, listen tosome music, play some games, eat some yummy food and buy some nick-knacks. Walk down to the water front on River Road and join the festivities! The rise of balloons floating to the sky and loud local music will help you find your way. If the weather is nice and you stay all day, you’ll get to see the spectacular fireworks show that gets put off every year.
  6. When you wake up the next day, get your shovels and buckets ready because you can compete in the Sand Castle building contest! You better bring your A-Game because people can get really creative over there!There’s no end to the amount of beautiful walks you can take, information you can learn, food you can eat, people you can meet and friends you can make when in North West River. The Beach Festival weekend is what a lot of the locals take pride in and we believe that there’s no better time to visit.

All Information for the above:

Them Days Inc. (Walking Tours)
Phone Number: 1(709)896-8531
Address: 3 Court Manche St. Happy Valley-Goose Bay, NL.

Motel North
Phone Number: 1(709)896-9301
Toll Free: 1(877)996-9301
Address: 13 Paddon Rd. North West River, NL
Red Wine Bed & Breakfast
Phone Number: 1(709)899-2666
Address: 25 North West Rd. North West River, NL

Labrador Heritage Tea Room and Gift Shop
Phone Number: 1(709)497-8282
Address: River Rd. North West River, NL

Interpretation Center
Phone Number: 1(709)497-8566
Address: Portage Rd. North West River, NL.

Hudson’s Bay Museum (Labrador Herritage)Phone Number: 1(709)497-8858
Address: River Rd. North West River, NL

North West River Beach Festival
E-Mail: nwrbeachfestival@hotmail.comAddress: River Rd. Field, North West River NL



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