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Why I’d recommend working for Them Days for The Summer

Before I came home from University last spring, my Mom contacted me and told me to take a look at the job listings for Them Days. I wanted a new adventure and some experience in a different field so I took a look. My original plan was to try to get back into the restaurant business but it’s safe to say, I wouldn’t be as happy as I would be I am now.

I saw that Aimee had a listing up for a tour guide and social media content creator and knew it was right up my alley. Like I said in my previous blog post, I’ve always loved traveling and knowing more about where I was. I’ve never been on the other end, the one giving the information, but I thought it would be a great switch up to give someone else the excitement of learning and hearing stories about where they’re standing.

  1. As my job description is to be a tour guide and manage social media, I also manage to pitch in with a little bit of everything around the office and that’s what I love. Every day I learn how to do something new, skills that will benefit me in my every day life. As I’m sure there’s other jobs out there that provide this experience as well- there’s just something special about doing so with a non profit, oral history magazine that so many people love.
  2. The Them Days office isn’t like some other magazines out there. We don’t have a sky scraper in Times Square or a full printing center ‘in the back’. You’re working in a relatively small, mature and for lack of a better term, cute, office. The office is very cozy on those cold, rainy days but pretty easy to stay cool on those hot summer days.
  3. As a post secondary student, saving money is critical to surviving the school year. Sometimes in Happy Valley-Goose Bay summer jobs can be scarce- so it’s often a topic of discussion when you are home for the summer. Getting to say “I’m working with Them Days this summer” always looks and sounds really good. In the last little while I’ve realized that a lot of people in our community have a great appreciation for Them Days (considering we’ve probably written about them or their family members in one of the issues we’ve released over the years.)
  4. A big part of summer is to actually be able to relax, free your mind and live a little! The hours at Them Days allow you to actually have a summer. As 8:30 can be a bit of an early morning for students you still have all evenings (after 4:30), weekends and holidays! Can you stay out until 2 in the morning? Yes…Should you? Not if you want to be up for 8:30…but that’s what weekends are for! A lot of other summer students get jobs in restaurants (especially in Happy Valley-Goose Bay) and they don’t get weekends and are often times working until late in the evening! Not at Them Days though…you get time to relax and take it easy (as you should during the summer!).
  5. Starting with Them Days was a bit nerve wrecking as I was familiar with their reputation in this community. But I guarantee that Aimee and the other students you work with will make you feel so welcome. There’s not a day (even on really bad days) that I don’t manage to crack a smile and have a laugh. Of course the work is taken very seriously and things must be done, however, short breaks are taken daily and sometimes the conversations we have during our small breaks has us all ‘head in-knees’ and tears running down our faces from laughter. (Believe me, it’s happened more than once).

To say the least, the last 12 weeks have flown by in the blink of an eye. It felt like yesterday I was walking into the office for the very first time and reading everything on the walls as we watched the ‘first day movies’.
I’m sad to say, but this will be my last blog post and I have to say that I really have enjoyed writing every week. It’s been a great way for me to get my work thoughts out onto the web to people who enjoy reading it. I’m heading back to St. John’s next week which is bound to be a very busy week with work and at home.

Thanks for reading my entries! Maybe you’ll see me in the near future.



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Welcome back, Sandra!

Last week, a Them Days summer student alumni came back to lend us an extra hand! Sandra Hollett who just finished a year of studying Japanese abroad in Osaka, Japan returned to Them Days to help us finish the summer strong. As we are preparing a new issue to be sent off to the printers, tours are taking off and archives are needing some attention- we contacted Sandra for some help.

For the next month, Sandra hopes to transcribe until she can’t transcribe anymore, do a few tours after I leave next week and learn how to make a grass basket (any teachers out there?)

Yesterday, Sandra and I tackled two very interesting tours! Our first tour of the morning was with Stephen Burnett and his wife, Helene from Franklin and Frobisher tours. Our second tour was with a group of 7 people from Ontario and BC who were on weather hold while heading up to the Torngat Mountains to do some sight seeing. Both groups were so much fun and were eager to take pictures and a lot ask questions. We even took Stephen and Helene into Slippers n’ Things for a look around.image1

This is unfortunately one of my last blog posts for this summer, but keep an eye out early next week for the Grand Finale!


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