Meet Megan!

Hi everyone! Megan Harrington here and ready for a fun summer at Them Days Magazine! I just finished my 5th year at Memorial University as a Music Education student and I am looking forward to my final year in September. I am also doing a minor in Folklore, so when I found out I was going to be able to work at Them Days for the summer, I was beyond excited! My mom and I packed up the car and drove to Goose Bay all the way from Carbonear, Newfoundland so I can spend the summer with you guys!

I am a little late getting into this blog as I have already punched a great first week at the office! So far, I have been on a road trip to North West River with Janice and Bradley, participated in the Aboriginal Day Celebrations at the College of the North Atlantic on June 21, and enjoyed a weekend in my hometown of Labrador West for the Spirit of Labrador Celebrations!

On Friday, June 23 in Labrador West, I had the opportunity to join Janice in four very interesting interviews at the Gateway with Joan Stamp, Thomas Riggs, and Caroline Dobbin, as well as Gordon Parsons in his own home! We gathered information about both Labrador City and Wabush from a woman and a man’s perspective, what it was like being a female teacher in Labrador West, and insight on owning and working for a local newspaper! The following day, Saturday, June 24 was the Spirit of Labrador Celebrations at the Wabush Arena! Janice and I got up early and started setting up our booth at 9:00am as the event ran from 10:00-4:00. Our booth was very similar to our booth at the Aboriginal Day Celebrations, with clothes from earlier times and our snapchat filter that puts you on the cover of Them Days Magazine! I took lots of awesome pictures throughout the day and they are now posted on our Facebook page, so don’t forget to check it out!! We also had some Them Days books and post cards for sale and held a prize draw for a gift bag of Them Days Magazines (Congrats to our winner)!

It has been a busy, yet great first week, and I look forward to more exciting adventures with you guys this summer! 7 more weeks to go!!


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