The Them Days blog helps keep the staff of Them Days Inc in contact with the readers of the magazine and other parties who may be interested in the goings-on of a Labrador history magazine and archive.


3 responses to “About

  1. Joyce Marshall

    Would you possibly be able to check your files to see when my subscription ended? . It might be a couple years ago or more. Not sure why I didn’t notice before that I wasn’t getting an issues. I love reading about history and families of Labrador. I have the issues with featuring Doris whom I met several times during visits to Labrador.
    Thanks . Joyce

  2. Marjorie McPherson

    I’m in the same position as Joyce Marshall: I haven’t noticed that my subscription stopped maybe two or more years ago.
    I wish your staff would send out reminder notices, because I would like to renew!

    • Hi Marji,

      Sorry to hear your subscription ran out and you didn’t notice! We had a few complaints like yours, so in the past couple of years, we’ve been using really brightly coloured renewal notices and stamping the envelopes “Renewal Notice Enclosed”. We also send out reminder notices now about a month before the next issue comes out — we really don’t want to miss anybody! I will check on your file and send you an e-mail to let you know which issues you’ve missed. Right now subscriptions in Canada are $28.73, and they can be ordered through the “Online Shopping” section of our website.


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