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North West River and Snapchat GeoFilters- These are a few of my favourite things!

Yesterday was a dreary day…so we made a trip to North West River! We spent all morning in the office, Janice grabbed her keys, we piled in the vehicle and hit the road.


Megan watching a Labrador Camp Fire Scene!

Upon arriving in North West River, we were greeted by Ernie Mclean at the Hudsons Bay Museum. This was Megan’s second time (ever) in North West River and was pretty excited to be returning. We spent a lot of time pressing the buttons of the interactive section of the museum. Ernie gave us a mini tour, told us stories about Myna Hubbard and the early days of North West River. The purpose of our trip was to grab a few (a lot of) costumes for Aboriginal Day and for the ladies’ trip to Labrador west this coming weekend!

For the 20th Aboriginal Day, we did something special- we made a Snapchat filter! For those of you who don’t know what Snapchat is: it’s a photo sharing app available on iPhone, Android and Blackberry. The app distributes photos to your other snapping friends in the form of 10 second long snaps or 24 hour long “Stories”. Within these snaps you are able to apply something called a “Filter” which, in our case, is the outline of our magazine cover. So when someone takes a photo of them

and their friends in our costumes or with their Innu Donuts, they temporarily become the next cover of Them Days Aboriginal Day 2017 Issue! All photos are able to be saved to your camera roll by pressing the “Download” button in the bottom left corner on your snap- and we want to see them! Send them to us on twitter, facebook and instagram by using the hashtag #ThemDays2017. The filter goes live at The College of the North Atlantic (and surrounding areas) at 4:00PM on June 21st 2017.  We’re excited to see your snaps!

Well folks, that’s another entry from me. If you see us at Aboriginal Day here in Happy Valley or over in Labrador City for Spirit of Labrador- come say hello! We’d be happy to assist you with your snapping, show you some photos and get yous dressed up ri’ cute.

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I’m Back!

Hello Everyone!
If you’ve read any blog entries from last summer, you know exactly who I am: the crazy summer student with a lot to say…and I’m back! I just completed a year of Tourism and Hospitality studies at the College of the North Atlantic in St. John’s. I’ve had a great, and extremely educational year. Originally, I had no plans of coming back to Happy Valley-Goose Bay for the summer…but here I am…back for the summer. As soon as I found out that Them Days was hiring I couldn’t resist myself. I contacted Aimee, who contacted Janice and here I am. It’s needless to say that I’m happy to be back.


Bradley, the very excited summer student with a lot to say, is back with Them Days!

When coming into Them Days this morning I was greeted by Janice followed by the warmest of hugs from Shirley. It feels like I haven’t left. As I do miss Anna, Abby, Brianna and Aimee, I’m certain that it’s going to be a very eventful, progressive and fun summer with Janice, Shirley and the other summer student who is joining us next week. We’ve already discussed how much is going to be happening in the next 8 weeks and we definitely have our work cut out for us!

I’m planning to be able to write weekly about announcements, progress updates and events that are going on with Them Days and in the community. Today, I’m starting out the summer by attending Expo Labrador. If you see this update before then- come and say hello!

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Why I’d recommend working for Them Days for The Summer

Before I came home from University last spring, my Mom contacted me and told me to take a look at the job listings for Them Days. I wanted a new adventure and some experience in a different field so I took a look. My original plan was to try to get back into the restaurant business but it’s safe to say, I wouldn’t be as happy as I would be I am now.

I saw that Aimee had a listing up for a tour guide and social media content creator and knew it was right up my alley. Like I said in my previous blog post, I’ve always loved traveling and knowing more about where I was. I’ve never been on the other end, the one giving the information, but I thought it would be a great switch up to give someone else the excitement of learning and hearing stories about where they’re standing.

  1. As my job description is to be a tour guide and manage social media, I also manage to pitch in with a little bit of everything around the office and that’s what I love. Every day I learn how to do something new, skills that will benefit me in my every day life. As I’m sure there’s other jobs out there that provide this experience as well- there’s just something special about doing so with a non profit, oral history magazine that so many people love.
  2. The Them Days office isn’t like some other magazines out there. We don’t have a sky scraper in Times Square or a full printing center ‘in the back’. You’re working in a relatively small, mature and for lack of a better term, cute, office. The office is very cozy on those cold, rainy days but pretty easy to stay cool on those hot summer days.
  3. As a post secondary student, saving money is critical to surviving the school year. Sometimes in Happy Valley-Goose Bay summer jobs can be scarce- so it’s often a topic of discussion when you are home for the summer. Getting to say “I’m working with Them Days this summer” always looks and sounds really good. In the last little while I’ve realized that a lot of people in our community have a great appreciation for Them Days (considering we’ve probably written about them or their family members in one of the issues we’ve released over the years.)
  4. A big part of summer is to actually be able to relax, free your mind and live a little! The hours at Them Days allow you to actually have a summer. As 8:30 can be a bit of an early morning for students you still have all evenings (after 4:30), weekends and holidays! Can you stay out until 2 in the morning? Yes…Should you? Not if you want to be up for 8:30…but that’s what weekends are for! A lot of other summer students get jobs in restaurants (especially in Happy Valley-Goose Bay) and they don’t get weekends and are often times working until late in the evening! Not at Them Days though…you get time to relax and take it easy (as you should during the summer!).
  5. Starting with Them Days was a bit nerve wrecking as I was familiar with their reputation in this community. But I guarantee that Aimee and the other students you work with will make you feel so welcome. There’s not a day (even on really bad days) that I don’t manage to crack a smile and have a laugh. Of course the work is taken very seriously and things must be done, however, short breaks are taken daily and sometimes the conversations we have during our small breaks has us all ‘head in-knees’ and tears running down our faces from laughter. (Believe me, it’s happened more than once).

To say the least, the last 12 weeks have flown by in the blink of an eye. It felt like yesterday I was walking into the office for the very first time and reading everything on the walls as we watched the ‘first day movies’.
I’m sad to say, but this will be my last blog post and I have to say that I really have enjoyed writing every week. It’s been a great way for me to get my work thoughts out onto the web to people who enjoy reading it. I’m heading back to St. John’s next week which is bound to be a very busy week with work and at home.

Thanks for reading my entries! Maybe you’ll see me in the near future.


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Welcome back, Sandra!

Last week, a Them Days summer student alumni came back to lend us an extra hand! Sandra Hollett who just finished a year of studying Japanese abroad in Osaka, Japan returned to Them Days to help us finish the summer strong. As we are preparing a new issue to be sent off to the printers, tours are taking off and archives are needing some attention- we contacted Sandra for some help.

For the next month, Sandra hopes to transcribe until she can’t transcribe anymore, do a few tours after I leave next week and learn how to make a grass basket (any teachers out there?)

Yesterday, Sandra and I tackled two very interesting tours! Our first tour of the morning was with Stephen Burnett and his wife, Helene from Franklin and Frobisher tours. Our second tour was with a group of 7 people from Ontario and BC who were on weather hold while heading up to the Torngat Mountains to do some sight seeing. Both groups were so much fun and were eager to take pictures and a lot ask questions. We even took Stephen and Helene into Slippers n’ Things for a look around.image1

This is unfortunately one of my last blog posts for this summer, but keep an eye out early next week for the Grand Finale!


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My (insert positive adjective here) Summer with Them Days

Time is starting to get a little bit short for me here at Them Days and if it goes by as fast as the rest of the summer has, it’s a good thing that I’m writing this now. Just a day over 3 weeks left! It’s really going to suck to have to say good bye to Aimee, Abby, Brianna and the office before the summer is actually over but I’m heading out to St. John’s for surgery (in which the recovery process will bring me right on up to the start of school).

The past 10 weeks here have been nothing short of rewarding. In the first week here alone, I learned more about Happy Valley-Goose Bay’s history than I did in 13 years of school. Learning about where I am has always been important to me. I’ve always been the one to Google every hotel I’m staying in and everywhere I’ll be visiting. Traveling around, I’ve always been the tourist to ask the Tour Guide an alarming amount of questions and It really surprises me that I haven’t asked more about Happy Valley-Goose Bay in the nearly 18 years that I’ve lived here. Every day that I come into this office I manage to learn something new. For example; I had NO clue that there were 11 atom bombs stored in the woods of Goose Bay…I had NO clue that the Broomfields, Perraults and Saunders were the first families of Happy Valley (Before, they were just really popular last names)… I had NO clue that El Grecos, before it was my favorite pizza place, was a taxi stand… I had NO clue that I would ever take getting a review on Trip Advisor so intensely…or that Twitter could be actually interesting…or that ARC-ANLA was such a massive thing (let alone a thing to begin with).

When I tell people “I’m working with Them Days this summer” it’s always a- “Oh and what do you do there?” and when I say “I’m a tour guide!” It’s always “Tour Guide? What? There’s tours here?” and my response is usually “You haven’t seen 1 one the 250 flyers floating around this town??” followed by plugging the tours until I cannot plug anymore. But when I tell people “I’m working with Them Days this summer”- I take good pride in it. Growing up, I’ve always known what Them Days was and would go through it, looking at the old photos while at the co-op with my mother or while at my parent’s friends’ houses. But one thing I have a brand new appreciation for is the effort that it takes to put together just one of these magazines. So much hard work goes into photo finding and identification, interviewing and transcribing, finding what actually fits in the magazine and what doesn’t, and even thinking of an issue to start in the first place. It’s needless to say that I’ve found a whole new level of respect for Them Days and how hard everyone is willing to work around here to get it done (and always on time at that).

FullSizeRenderThis is a whole new job experience for me. Before I’ve only ever worked in a restaurant and in retail and never had the opportunity to get out, explore and share knowledge with other people. I’m really starting to think that this is my calling, ‘my jam’ if you will.

As I head back to St. John’s for another school year, I’m going to be attending the Tourism and Hospitality Management Program with the College of the North Atlantic. Working with Them Days has helped me realize that exploring the world around me, learning about its people and sharing my knowledge with others is what I exactly want to do with my life. Before- my interest was in nursing and I refused to accept the fact that I wanted to do anything else…but on the second day of this job, Shirley and Aimee sent me to a Tourism and Hospitality workshop with WorldHost and that’s when it clicked. I was won over. This is what I want to do. So shout out to Them Days for solving my teenage identity crisis and sending me in the right direction.

I know this was a sappy post, but a boy needs to let it out sometimes! I’ll be back with our regular programmed, humorous blog post next week!



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My First Tour Experience In The Rain & Meeting Lawrence Millman

My First Tour in the Rain

Today, July 27th, 2016, was the first day that since I’ve started conducting the summer tour program, that the weather Gods have gone against myself and the tour guests.

Every time that it’s been called for poor weather during a tour, it has always managed to turn around. For example; this past Tuesday Aimee and I did a tour with some Pre-med students and a resident from the hospital! They were great guests to have but we were anxiously watching the forecast all day. It would call for thunder and lightning one minute, a complete down-poor the next, scattered showers the next, sunshine the next which had us on our toes all day! After scarfing down some chicken fries from Burger King (which were absolutely delicious) we headed out on our tour and the weather Gods were with us! We were blessed with sunshine and a nice gust of wind. However, today it called for rain and that’s exactly what we got. Author Lawrence Millman, Morgan Mills and his summer student were our guests today! The weather was looking promising for the entire day with just some simple over cast and 17 degrees but the very second that we stepped outside it started to drizzle- “Manageable!” we thought. As we headed towards the nursing station it started to rain a little harder, and as we walked down the path along the Churchill River we had a complete down poor. Mr. Millman was clearly the most wise of the group as he had brought an umbrella with him. The rest of us might’ve gotten soaked but we did so while I spewed information about Happy Valley and as we learned a lot about Mushrooms from Mr. Millman!


Aimee (R) and Author Lawrence Millman (L) shortly after the office tour.

After the tour was over and we start approaching the parking lot of Them Days- the rain had finally ceased- perfect timing…When we got inside and dried off a little bit, Aimee gave a building tour to Mr. Millman and the other summer student that had joined us. He had found a lot of interest in our Library and what he was able to lay his hands on from the archive!

It was a fun experience but I think I’d definitely choose the sun over rain any day!

Until next time!


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Things To Do In North West River: Beach Festival Edition

In honour of the 30th North West River Beach Festival coming up this weekend, we decided to make a list of things to do during the summer in the beautiful North West River.

  1. After your walking tour with Them Days, and a bit of shopping in Goose Bay- it’s time to head on the highway and down to North West River. Usually, after the walking tour, people’s legs are pretty tired- so what better way to rest than to heading to Motel North? Motel North is only seconds away from the beach and in agreat, quiet area to get some beauty sleep. However if the Them Day’s tour has you wanting to interact with more locals, give the Red Wine Bed and Breakfast a try! Like the Motel, the Bed and Breakfast is just seconds away from the beach and we’re sure they’d love to have you for thespecial weekend coming up. But you better book early! A lot of people come into town just for the beach festival.
  2. When you’re all settled away at the Motel or the Bed and Breakfast; you’d definitely want to head on overto the beach to watch the beautiful Labrador sunset. The North West River Beach is full of white sand, and long green grass. The water may be a little chilly but nothing that won’t bother the kids or that you can’t dip your toes into. With the Mealy Mountains clear on the other side of the lake it’s the perfect place to take that summer photo to make your new Facebook profile picture!
  3. When the next morning arrives and after your beauty sleep it’s time to get up nice and early to explore as much as you can before the Beach Festival goes on its way. Things you can do are: go for a hike or drive and visit Sunday Hill look out, try the tranquility trail that is located at the far end of the beach, or go to the gift shop and tea room for a more relaxed morning.
  4. Once you’ve got your breakfast, morning walk and tea in- it’s time to head over to the wonderful museums. The Interpretation Center and The Hudson’s Bay Museum(aka. The trapping museum) are great places to learn anything and everything about Labrador’s history. At the Hudson’s Bay Museum you can see the old cable car that was used to cross people and supplies over the river! At Them Days, there is an issue all about it and the staff there would love to share some information and set you up with the issue!
  5. After you’re all history’d out, it’s time to relax, listen tosome music, play some games, eat some yummy food and buy some nick-knacks. Walk down to the water front on River Road and join the festivities! The rise of balloons floating to the sky and loud local music will help you find your way. If the weather is nice and you stay all day, you’ll get to see the spectacular fireworks show that gets put off every year.
  6. When you wake up the next day, get your shovels and buckets ready because you can compete in the Sand Castle building contest! You better bring your A-Game because people can get really creative over there!There’s no end to the amount of beautiful walks you can take, information you can learn, food you can eat, people you can meet and friends you can make when in North West River. The Beach Festival weekend is what a lot of the locals take pride in and we believe that there’s no better time to visit.

All Information for the above:

Them Days Inc. (Walking Tours)
Phone Number: 1(709)896-8531
Address: 3 Court Manche St. Happy Valley-Goose Bay, NL.

Motel North
Phone Number: 1(709)896-9301
Toll Free: 1(877)996-9301
Address: 13 Paddon Rd. North West River, NL
Red Wine Bed & Breakfast
Phone Number: 1(709)899-2666
Address: 25 North West Rd. North West River, NL

Labrador Heritage Tea Room and Gift Shop
Phone Number: 1(709)497-8282
Address: River Rd. North West River, NL

Interpretation Center
Phone Number: 1(709)497-8566
Address: Portage Rd. North West River, NL.

Hudson’s Bay Museum (Labrador Herritage)Phone Number: 1(709)497-8858
Address: River Rd. North West River, NL

North West River Beach Festival
E-Mail: nwrbeachfestival@hotmail.comAddress: River Rd. Field, North West River NL


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