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Almost Done

Hey gang, 15 days until I go back to Ontario. My last day of work is Wednesday the 13th. I will miss Them Days 😦 but it’s about time that I get a job that pays! Tomorrow is a special day, “why?” you ask? Because tomorrow is technically our editor, Tara Mclean’s last day here at Them Days. 😦

Last week was my final house managing and I can’t say I will miss it. Its not fun preparing a house for the next tenants. On the weekend My group and I had the chance to go camping at Gosling Lake. We broke a fishing rod and lost a Frisbee but it was a blast! On Sunday we hiked up to Peace Rock and went geocaching. We ended up not taking the path a hiking straight up to peace rock through the forest! On the way I got all bloodied and bruised but I’d do it again. I would suggest to anyone who hasn’t gone up there to stop what you are doing and go up there now.

Them Days would also like to thank Birdhouse Garden Market for their great job installing trees, shrubs and flower and or also planting grass. Them Days will be green before you know it!

Thanks for tuning in and have a good week!


-Brett Quinn


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Happy Victoria Day!

Bonjour Labrador, how’s it going? Last week we gave our latest issue to retailers and also sent it to our subscribers, your copy should be arriving (if it hasn’t already) soon! We’ve been busy here at Them Days, we started working on our next issue, which is music themed and features an especially interesting article on The Keatniks.

Lately I’ve  had the opportunity to do some editing, it’s hard than you would think and I also had an opportunity to brows around our archives. Whilst searching around I stumbled upon glass lantern slides and found myself enchanted with curiosity, so I decided to research them. It turns out that glass lantern slides which are now obsolete, were once an advanced piece of technology from the mid 1600s to mid 1800s. By putting a light source behind the slides you could project you image on to a screen, this incidentally lead to the invention of the common projector, which can be found anywhere from offices to schools and even in homes.

This past weekend we celebrated Victoria Day, I celebrated by sleeping in and then going out for a greater part of the day.

Enjoy the rest of your week


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One Man’s Trash Is Another Man’s Treasure

Good morning Labrador, things here at Them Days are at a norm. As usual today, I’m digitizing cassettes and helping out around the office any way I can. We’re getting ready for our Spring Cleaning Event around here. It’s happening  May 25-26, so feel free to donate you Labrador memorabilia. We’ve also been awaiting the arrival of our latest issue, it should be here and ready to be reviewed within the next few days!

Yesterday, I was fortunate enough to have had my French teacher, Emily Lafrancois take me on a hike to Muskrat Falls. The walk was long and treacherous. With every step we took, we sank at least up to our knees in cold, wet, half melted snow. This trek took us about an hour to get to the second lookout point (apparently the better of the three) but in the end it was %100 worth it and walking back was only half as bad because we could walk in our own tracks.



Adios Amigos


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Long Time No See

Hello Labradoreans and readers alike! Sorry it’s been a while since I’ve posted but I’ve been super busy with digitizing and Katimavik duties. Last week I stayed home to house manage. House managing is when two Katimavik stay home for a week to clean up after everyone, grocery shop and make meals for the other volunteers who go to their work placements. Sounds fun? Wrong. Most volunteers are lucky enough to only have to do this once per rotation but I (unfortunately) have been chosen to do it twice.

Last weekend My Katimafamily and I went dog sledding, possibly my favorite Labrador experience so far. While only two of us got to ride the dogsled at one time (and no, I didn’t fall once) the rest of us still got to ride in a komatik! I also enjoyed petting the dogs, in Katimavik we aren’t allowed to have any household pets so we’re deprived of animal affection.

As a house manager I had to spend the week baking goods to sell at the rummage sale that was at the Legion on Saturday. We were selling bread, cookies, tarts, muffins and even pie as a fund raiser for our C.C.P (Collective Community Project). Our CCP will consist of a book with tips on reducing, reusing and recycling and living an overall more eco friendly lifestyle in Labrador.

As for here at Them Days our editor, Tara has worked tirelessly to finish the latest issue, starting work on Friday at 9am and not finishing until 6am on Saturday! The issue is currently off to be printed and should be expected to come out next month.

until next time

– Brett

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Hello Them Days followers!

My name is Brett and I am the new Katimavik volunteer here at Them Days. I am very excited to work here for the next three months and can’t wait to learn about all Labradorean history! I am from a town in Ontario called Cobourg but my Katimavik group and I just moved from St.Pierre Jolys, MB. Cobourg’s population is roughly 18,000 and I thought it was a small town until jut a few days ago when I heard that Labrador’s entire population consists of 30-32,000(ish) people. I now consider my home town to be a small city.

So far Labrador has been awesome! The copious amounts of snow has allowed myself and my Katima-family to dig a snow shelter in our front lawn big enough for the whole group (10 people) and the day after we arrived here we went tobogganing and man oh man was that intense.

Incase some of you are wondering my favorite activities are reading/ writing, swimming, longboarding, snowboarding, hiking, canoeing, fishing and playing videogames (preferably listening to music while doing all that).

This bloging is new to me but I will do my best to keep it as up to date and interesting as possible.

See you on the flip side



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Final Days At Them Days

I have sat down and tried to write this  blog post so many times, it’s not even funny. The reason I am struggling so much with it is not merely because I’m incompetent though…it’s because this will be my very last blog post for Them Days.

Yes, my rotation here in Labrador is coming to an end. I leave this great place early morning on Wednesday the 28th. Right now, I’m taking a short break from packing and cleaning and cooking to write this up, because, as much as I want to put it off and pretend that I’m not leaving, it’s something I have to do.

My last day at work was last week. I managed to finish up some of the things I had been working on, such as the photo gallery in the centre of the magazine, my Katimavik note, and a sketch or two that might be included. I still feel like I have more I could do, or more I could’ve done, but I hope everyone who gets the magazine appreciates my small contributions. I for one can’t wait for when I get to read it, as I am receiving a copy as well! I know that I will miss everyone on the Them Days staff, especially Tara, as they were all great during my three months here! I felt like part of the team, and I am sad to go.

I suppose it’s  a good thing that we’re leaving now though. My group got to be here during the beautiful winter months and see the massive amounts of snow all around. We got to go snowshoeing and cross country skiing and dog sledding, and experience a lot of things that couldn’t happen in another season. Although I know the snow is still sticking around for a little while yet (tenacious thing, that snow), the next three months will be much more melty and sandy than the ones I was here for! So, if I had to pick three months to be here, these were the right ones.

I hope someday I can come back to Happy Valley-Goose Bay to visit. If I do, I know one doorway I’ll definitely be stepping through once more: that of Them Days’. It was truly the best work placement I could’ve had, and I’m eternally grateful to Katimavik for giving me the chance to be here!

I wish the next Katimavik volunteer much luck in their job here.

For the last time, I’m signing out.

Do me a favour, and live long and prosper.


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A Thousand Things At Once

This is a very, very busy week! And, of course, as my luck would have it, it’s a week when Tara is not here, so I must cope largely on my own. Not to mention, I realized that next week I am not here at Them Days, because I am on house manager duty. So, I pretty much have to finish, or do my best to finish, a ton of things before the weekend.

And it’s Thursday.


I have completed maybe two things on my list, which leaves me with about eight other things to do in two days. Not a good week for me to be hitting a slump then and getting fussed about things outside of work! Sometimes it feels like a thousand things at once are just pounding down on me, and it’s practically paralyzing, but…

You know what that means?

That means that it’s time to put my chin up, take a deep, determined breath, then put my head back down and get to work. If I can’t do it all, I will do my best with what I can do!

Wish me luck.

Live long and prosper,


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