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Hey, as you already know my name is Tessa, i'm from a small isolated community on the south coast called, Norman Bay. I like doing things that keep me occupied throughout the day, especially if I enjoy myself. I'm not a shy type person, I love meeting new people!

Them Days in Black & White

Well today, myself, Aimee, Alicia, & Daphne came to work wearing something black and white. None of us knew exactly, that we’d be wearing something the same colors lol. I’ve decided to get our photo taken to blog, seeing I never blogged in a while. Seems like, most days a couple of us will be wearing something similiar 🙂 



black and white day 004


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Military Museum

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Myself, Aimee, Alicia, & Wallace went to the Military Museum today. What an adventure! I’ve never been to a museum before, so it was quite joyful for me 🙂 Never expected to see what I did see though. I love learning about the war, and this was definitely the place to go! I enjoyed seeing the old flight suits, didn’t think they’d look like that to be honest. 


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My Very First Interview Trip!

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Last week on Wednesday, I decided to head home to Norman Bay to interview my grandfather. Myself, along with my cousins arrived in Port Hope Simpson Wednesday evening and drove to Charlottetown to catch our Ferry to head to Norman Bay Thursday. On the way down to Port Hope, myself and my cousin, Gus.. ended up breaking the back window in his van. We didn’t take no notice to it until we pulled over to stretch our legs lol. It was a dusty ride for the most part. On the way down on the Ferry, I got to see Jumpers (Whales), and HUGE icebergs. & of course, I didn’t have my camera out at the time. Friday night, when my pop got back from down the shore, I went up and interviewed him.. of course with his consent. I asked mostly of his childhood growing up. He was shy at first, pretty much like everybody. And, myself not knowing the recording stopped 5 minutes into the interview and I didn’t take much notice and kept going. So, I only have 5 minutes of questions and answers on the recording. The good thing about it, is that I’ve been told many stories about my grandfather growing up. & I’d love to add more of what I’ve been told. It may have only been less then a week home, but I loved it! 

There’s no place like home 🙂 


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Hey, my name is Tessa Ward. I’m from a very small isolated community on the south coast, called Norman Bay. I’m 17 years old. I’m recently working at Them Days, along with five others. I’m enjoying it so far, been here 2 days. My coworkers are amazing, very nice to talk to. I come from a large family, i’m named after my Dads side of the family, “Ward”. My mother is a Campbel but she married my Dad back in 2009. I have two older brothers, Thomas is almost 19, while Danny is 24. I’m also a twin, my “younger” sisters name is, Tori. I just recently graduated, & I’ve applied for a course in CONA here in Goose Bay for a Heavy Equipment Technicain. I’m an Archival Assistant here at Them Days, & I have to say when I came here yesterday I was confused, but I’m getting used to it by every hour. Can’t wait to see what this Summer brings 🙂

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