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Snow, snow, snow!

We’ve had a bit of snow recently. On Sunday and Monday, we got a total of 45 cm of snow. It hasn’t stopped snowing, so who knows what the total is including today (Tuesday). It’s a lot! We woke up to a winter wonderland. Here are a few pictures from our first few minutes at work. Thankfully, it’s nice and warm today!


Tabea picked me up on ski-doo while I was walking to work. Look how deep the snow was!


Up to the tops of our boots…even while on the ski-doo!


Unlocking the door


Time to clean the steps!


Good thing the snow as super-light and fluffy.


Pei arrives, shocked at all the snow he just walked through!

20190122 - shane arrives

Then Shane arrives. Look at all that snow! Since we arrived before even the snow plow, Shane had to park in Tabea’s ski-doo path, not his usual spot!


Had to sweep a path just to get to the emergency exit, since we have to clear that too.


Shane and his shovel.


Time for an office selfie! (This is totally my new desktop background.)


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Why Donating to Them Days Matters

Lately, it seems like my inbox has been filled with year-end requests for donations from organizations I’ve donated to in the past, or ones whose websites I’ve frequented. Some of them have been coming pretty frequently and I’m going to probably unsubscribe now, but others have made me think about sending a few dollars their way.

It also made me think: maybe I should do something like that for Them Days.

I won’t spam your inbox or hit you over the head with all this stuff, but I’d just like to let you know that your support makes a difference in a few different ways. With every donation, you’re contributing to our efforts to documenting and preserving Labrador’s cultural heritage. So thank you for all your donations in this past year, and all years previous, too.

When you donate to Them Days:

  • You help keep the lights on, our driveway ploughed, and our archive operating at professional standards. Most grants that we apply to will only go towards specific projects, and absolutely not towards any operating expenses. We are fortunate in that we apply to and avail of an operating grant from the provincial government every year that we can use for operating expenses and staff wages, but as you can imagine, it’s not meant to cover all our expenses, and it doesn’t. And we can’t work in the dark, or work under mountains of snow, or without insurance. You’re helping keep our archive climate-controlled and fire-safe too, because those systems require electricity and routine checks and maintenance.
  • You help employ people in our community to do good work. We have two regular staff members (an editor who makes the magazine and who’s also in charge of the archives, and an archive technician-administrator) with help from others throughout the year: summer students, contract workers, people hired under employment programs like Linkages. We apply for grants for these other workers (because we don’t have enough money to hire them by ourselves), but those programs don’t necessarily cover all the wages. So your donation goes straight to supplement those wage subsidies so we can hire people complete all the work we do. Our workers interview seniors and knowledge holders, transcribe interviews, edit things for the magazine, research history, help you find things in the archives, describe archival files so we know where and how to find things, digitize photos and audio, put archival materials in safe storage, organize community events and more. Basically, without your donation, we couldn’t do the work we do.
  • You help us get more project grants. Most of the money we use to get things done around here come from grants, either from places like the federal or provincial governments or private foundations like the International Grenfell Association. But when we apply to them, we need to prove that we are contributing a certain amount of money too–or even that we get a certain percentage of our funds from non-government revenue. It’s all part of applying for money when you’re a charitable organization.  So when you donate, you’re helping us show that we have support from our community, that others think our work is valuable and worth supporting–and that helps them decide that they want to help too. You’ve heard the phrase “You need money to make money”? Same thing applies in the non-profit sector–the more successful you are in getting money, the more money you tend to get. The only difference is we don’t profit–it is all used for our programming!
  • You help us buy necessary equipment or supplies. Archival storage doesn’t come cheap. (Our acid- and lignin-free file folders are $60.95 for a pack of 100–do you know how many filing cabinets of documents we have? Or how about $43.00 for a binder to protect our 6000+ slides and counting–not including the holders we put in them.) These are necessary for safe long-term storage of the treasures we hold at Them Days. This article about an archives in Texas is a great description of archival preservation and conservation work. (And if you’ve ever seen a photo fade, a piece of paper crumble, or a diary go mouldy, you’ll know exactly why this is all important.)

Basically, if you’ve ever been touched by a story you read in the magazine, had your breath taken away when you’ve seen a picture of your grandparents for the first time, connected with family, helped your child with a heritage fair project, read a story from our magazine to your parent or child, cooked a recipe from our cookbook, learned about traditional medicines, or even just enjoyed traditional music or food at our events–you’ve experienced first-hand what a donation can do here at Them Days. Our magazine, our archives, our special projects like #IDThemDays–it’s all made possible by donations and grants.

So please, when you’re thinking about making a donation somewhere, think of us. We do our best to make sure your money is well-spent and makes a difference to the communities we serve.

This also goes for when you buy our products too–you’re helping support our operations that way, too–so give a calendar as a gift next year, or buy a subscription for that relative living away. Or consider buying a subscription for a school or public library and support two special places as once!

Thank you for all your support–it is genuinely appreciated and very useful to us.



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Welcome, Shane!


We have a new face in the office now–Shane Heard started working with us a couple of weeks ago!

Shane has made a really great addition to our office. We get along great, and he’s taken on some projects with the #IDThemDays project, and while he does that, he’s started digitizing tapes as well!

Shane is working with us until May, though we are hoping (cross your fingers!) that we will find some more grant money to keep him on longer. I can tell he will do great things for Them Days!

So please join me in welcoming Shane to our office.


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Looking back to September

A couple of weeks ago, Them Days Treasurer Linda and I were invited to meet the Governor General of Canada, Julie Payette, and the Lieutenant Governor of Newfoundland and Labrador, Judy Foote, when they came to North West River. They were both lovely people. Judging by these photos, you’d think hanging out with the Lieutenant Governor is a hoot–and you’d be right! She’s a very genuine, lovely person. The Governor General was equally as nice, and the most-down-to-earth astronaut you’d ever meet! (Unfortunately, we don’t have any photos of us meeting her.)

They also visited Birch Island.


And just because I know some of our readers love to see Maggie…here she is at the Birch Island boardwalk. As you can tell, she is identical to my husband! (Yep, we got married at the end of August.)


And here are some images that I was too shy to post on my birthday! This was last month. Thank you Tabea and Pei for the surprise birthday celebration with the Rice Krispie squares!


So there’s a little update on what’s been happening here…mostly we’ve just been working on the Spanish flu issue…at the printers now!


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Hello, Maggie

I was reminded by a regular blog reader that I have yet to share a photo of Maggie (as I promised when I returned!) So here she is, back in December when I had to take her to work for the morning. Cute, hey?


For a more up-to-date picture (video, actually!), check out this Tweet by Jacob Barker at CBC…which probably should have been captioned “Them Days editor Aimee Chaulk nervously eating a grape with a fork.” You can see Maggie on John’s lap, and Beatrix too! (It’s been awhile since you’ve seen her for sure, blog readers…isn’t she getting so big now?!)

The power is about to go out…see you later, blog readers!


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Lots of Snow!

We live in Labrador, so you might expect that we get a lot of snow in the winter. We generally do. But this is shaping up to be a winter of gargantuan proportions! These pictures were taken last Thursday, February 1, after we got 38 cm. And we’ve had a few snowfalls since then!

20180201 - Aimee posing with shovel20180201 - Aimee shovelling20180201 - Pei and Tabea shovelling20180201 - Pei shovelling 220180201 - Pei shovelling

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Upcoming Fundraiser!

20180222 - Fundraising concert Dave Paddon Richard Neville

An evening with Dave Paddon and Richard Neville always proves to be a good time, so come on out! You’re missing out if you don’t!


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